Dallas Cowboys Tame Detroit Lions In Playoffs For #CowboysNation And Jason Garrett

The Dallas Cowboys made what seemed to be a grim situation into the miraculous. In the NFL world, today was the first round of the playoffs. Literally, it was “put up” or “be shut up,” and the Dallas Cowboys’ players gave their fans a show on January 4, 2015.

Dez Bryant
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Dez Bryant, as one of the leaders of the #CowboysNation, #FinishTheFight, and #ThrowUpTheX movements on social media, did his job today — and did it exceptionally well. There has been speculation about his character outside the field. However, people can say whatever they want about him off-field. On-field, he helps get the job done, no denying.

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After the game, fans took to Twitter in a storm of Dallas Cowboys-favored tweets. The following are only a few of the thousands under the hashtag, #CowboysNation.

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The Dallas Cowboys have started a frenzy in the football world. And Coach Jason Garrett couldn’t be more proud of the team’s hard work and determination. In a post-game interview, he stated the following.

“We have the kind of guys who understand that you play one play at a time, and you keep fighting. That’s always a mantra for us. Every week, but certainly in a game like this, you have to keep playing. You have to play through success. You have to play through adversity…

…I thought our offense continued to peck away in the running game, kept banging away. I think Tony did a great job continuing to hang in there in this game and finding completions and making a lot of big plays. So, it’s what this thing has been about right from the start — guy fighting for each other, fighting for what we want to accomplish, and I think it was on display today.”

Garrett later addresses “going for it on fourth down.”

“…Well, I just have a lot of confidence in our football team. And, emotionally, everybody wants to go for it on every fourth down. That’s kind of how people watch games. You gotta go for it there. And so it’s our job as a coaching staff to say, ‘Okay, we should kick the field goal here,’ or ‘We should put here.’

But, in critical moments, sometimes you just gotta do it. And a lot of that stems from the confidence that we have in our unit. The offensive line, the quarterback, the tight end, the receivers, the runners, these guys are gonna come through. They’ve come through many times before. I think they thrive on those situations, and again, it came up big for us again today.”

Coach Jason Garrett
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The Dallas Cowboys started the season as the proposed underdog, due to pre-season and early-season games. However, that has proven to be false and a deep-rooted fallacy. On January 4, 2015, the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Detroit Lions by the a four-point score, 24-20.

Game Scores Against Lions

It was definitely a nail-biter throughout the game for the Cowboys’ fans. However, the team was determined to push through to the end. This team certainly wants to #FinishTheFight.

This eliminates Detroit from the playoffs, and advances the Dallas Cowboys into the second round. The next game is against the Green Bay Packers, on January 11, 2015 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Second Round Schedule

What are your thoughts? Do you think the Dallas Cowboys have what it takes to finish the fight? Could they be one of the 2015 Super Bowl contenders? Will you jump on the #CowboysNation bandwagon?

Cowboys Win
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