Illegal Immigrants Can Now Receive A Driver’s License In California, Several Thousand In One Day

Illegal Immigration has been one of the longest standing contentious topics in American politics. Many have gained or lost political power over the issue. Most of the problems tend to center around whether to deport, legalize, or find a middle ground in the debate of what to do with the millions of illegal immigrants in America today.

The issue entered another chapter of contention when California started discussing a bill to award driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants in the state, the Inquisitr reported.

According to NBC Los Angeles, illegal immigrants began flooding California DMVs when they opened Friday to receive their newly-allowed driver’s licenses. At 7:30 a.m., according to LA Times, the line at Granada Hills, California Department of Motor Vehicles was around the block.

By 3:00 p.m., estimates of over 11,000 driver’s licenses were issue to illegal immigrants under the new law, Assembly Bill 60.

In California, the DMV tends to average around 3,200 first time driver’s license issued in a single day. The California DMV estimates that, within the first three years of the AB 60 law, 1.4 million people will seek driver’s licenses.

The LA Times was covering the first man in line, Pedro Soriano, who arrived 12 hours early to get his wife a license for her birthday. He exclaims that his wife had been studying all New Years Day. Pedro’s wife, Sonia, did not pass her reading test, but said she would “Study, Study, Study” to take the test on Monday. Her Husband Pedro was optimistic.

“She will get it. If a cop pulls her over, she has her test. It makes a big difference.”

The Sorianos were not the only ones in line with a story. NBC LA spoke with Juan Carreno, who was waiting in the same line as the Sorianos, and said it was a “dream come true” for him to be able to receive his license. He was also studying for his license since he heard the news of the passage of AB 60.

Carreno has been living in the country since he was five years old. The 27-year-old has been getting fined, up until this point, for driving without a license. According to Carreno, he has accrued $6,000 in fines.

“I’ve been getting tickets, but this is going to be my opportunity to start clean again.”

Mercury News listed what applicants would have to have to qualify for a license under Assembly Bill 60.

  • Show proof of identity and California residency.
  • Pass a vision test and driver knowledge test.
  • Give a thumbprint.
  • Have a picture taken.
  • Pass a road sign test and behind-the-wheel driving test.
  • Pay a $33 fee.

Also, the new driver’s license that illegal immigrants in California will be given, has one difference that is meant to make it distinguishable from a standard driver’s license. It has a “federal limits apply” in the right hand corner. This was a demand from Homeland Security.

How do you feel about illegal immigrants in California being given driver’s licenses?

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