Nicole Scherzinger Admits She Battles Comfort Food Cravings And ‘Working Out Is Like Pulling Teeth’

Nicole Scherzinger has a toned and lithe physique that is the envy of women around the world. Indeed, the former Pussycat Dolls singer has seemed to effortlessly remain in great shape over the years, and appears full of energy tackling her role of Grizabella in the recent revival of Cats.

Scherzinger’s tough schedule requires her to hit the stage six days a week in London, and the star credits her disciplined regime with providing her the energy and strength she needs to thrive.

Nicole Scherzinger Working Out
Nicole Scherzinger talks about working out and healthy eating. Image: James White/Cosmopolitan

Speaking exclusively to Cosmopolitan, Scherzinger describes how important exercise is for her confidence and emotional strength.

“[Exercise] changes everything about how I approach my day and helps me go about life with confidence – that’s the main reason I do it. It gives me clarity and makes me feel stronger. It’s not so much for the physical and vanity side of it. I do it more for the emotional strength it gives me.”

But Nicole does admit that working out doesn’t come as easily to her as it used to when she was younger.

“I’m like any woman – my weight fluctuates up and down. I have good days and bad days. For many years I worked out every single day, but now I’m in my thirties it’s like pulling teeth. I gotta make myself work out – you need to find that balance.”

Scherzinger also admits that being based in London in the winter is a big test of willpower, and that her healthy eating routine has been very hard to follow in the UK.

“I’m working with Sir Trevor Nunn, who used to be artistic director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, so I want to give it my all. But when I finish work it can be really hard to eat healthily. When it’s cold you just want to eat a melted-cheese panini and soup. I’m going to turn into a cup of tea and a curry by the time I leave London!”

Despite struggling with comfort food cravings and missing the warmer U.S. temperatures, Scherzinger — who is dating Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton — loves living in London because it “inspires” her.

“I do miss the sun in LA, but London inspires me in a different way. It’s like being in a movie.”

Inspiring it may be, but Nicole might be better off swapping London’s curries for more L.A. style sushi rolls if she is to retain the figure that has graced the covers of magazines worldwide.

“I eat differently in the UK from when I’m in LA. Over there, I’m happy eating a kale salad and sushi rolls but with this weather I’ve been eating a lot of curry.”

Although Nicole Scherzinger has previously admitted she needs to exercise to feel good, the star does appear to have a refreshingly healthy approach to living well.

“Healthy for me means a healthy mind, then everything else becomes aligned – the mental, physical, spiritual… everything… Being happy means having balance, being creative and finding peace.”