Reviews Are In For Nicole Scherzinger’s Grizabella In ‘Cats’

Nicole Scherzinger is being praised for her part in Cats.

The former Pussycat Doll began performing as Grizabella the Glamour Cat in London on December 6. Since then, the reviews have been rolling in.

Word has it the former pop star is phenomenal.

Dominic Cavendish from the UK’s Telegraph described his take on Nicole Scherzinger’s performance: “Without a blemish on her face, she struggles to convince as a has-been (she’s only 36). In the second half reprise though, she finds something deep inside and truly makes your hairs stand on end.”

Other reviewers described Scherzinger’s performance as “spine tingling.”

“As the over-the-hill glamourpuss in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s groundbreaking musical, (Nicole Scherzinger) totters on like a feline Miss Havisham, delivering his best song, “Memory,” with an internalised regret,” Neil Norman of the Express wrote.

Quentin Letts of the Daily Mail said that Scherzinger was “purr-fect.”

“In X Factor jargon, Miss Scherzinger nailed it,” Lett continued later in the review.

By and large, the most impressive of reviews geared toward Nicole Scherzinger’s performance was given by Elaine Paige.

Alongside Wayne Sleep, Bonnie Langford, Brian Blessed, Paul Nicholas, and Sarah Brightman, Elaine Paige was one of the original cast. In fact, she was the first actress credited with the role of Grizabella; the same role Scherzinger now performs.

The stage veteran was a huge fan of Nicole Scherzinger’s performance.

“It brings back wonderful memories for me,” Paige said, according to BBC. She went on to say the show was “way ahead of its time.”

“It’s always interesting to see a new incarnation of something when you’ve been involved in it first time round. It’s amazing to see how innovative and ahead of its time it was. It seems a lifetime ago. Nine lives ago,” Elaine Paige said about the new incarnation of Cats.

MailOnline asked Nicole Scherzinger about how she felt she was doing in her new part.

“It’s the part I was born to do,” Nicole Scherzinger said. “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

She continued on to explain how much she feels she relates to Grizabella.

“Grizabella’s broken, and I know what that feels like, to be broken not only on the inside from personal relationships, but in many ways. She’s been shunned and mistreated by society, and her people. I understand feeling like an outcast, feeling like an outsider, feeling like I don’t fit in and wanting to be accepted.”

Cats will be playing until February 28 at the London Palladium.