Learn The Fine Art Of Taking A Selfie: College Offers Course About Getting The Most Flattering Self-Image

A reputed college now offers to teach the finer points on taking a perfect self-image, commonly referred to as a selfie.

City Literary Institute, a prestigious college in London, has officially started to offer a first-ever course on taking a selfie. The concept of taking a self-image, otherwise referred to as a “selfie,” gained epic proportions last year. What began as a form of self-indulgence soon exploded on the internet, and people started crazily to take images that had them as the primary item of focus. In fact, Twitter declared 2014 as the year of the “selfie” after Ellen DeGeneres’ star-stuffed Oscar photo was re-tweeted more than three million times – a Twitter record.

The Most Famous Group-Selfie Sparked The Global Selfie Obsession
The Most Famous Group-Selfie Sparked The Global Selfie Obsession

But, just like the art of photography can be studied and improved, the college felt it needed to educate people on the fine art of taking the perfect selfie.

Students at the City Lit College will now able to learn the art of the perfect “selfie.” As part of the new course, budding self-absorbed photographers will be taught “valuable life skills” to prepare them to face an expectant world which could present a photo opportunity at any point. Apart from offering the much-needed but seldom-sought guidance on the most flattering angles and lighting, the course — officially called “The Art of Self-Portraiture” — promises to “improve your critical understanding” of the “selfie.”

The four-session course will cost just £132 (£106 for seniors) or $200, but the fee won’t even include a free selfie-stick, an accessory that is rapidly gaining acceptance for serious selfie-takers. It is open to all enthusiastic and self-obsessed photographers, even those “who have only engaged in self-portrait — even in the most casual way.”

The Course Will Include Finer Aspects Of Taking The Best Possible Selfie
The Course Will Include Finer Aspects Of Taking The Best Possible Selfie

During the sessions, students will be taught to “use light and significant detail” in their work and “explain ideas of space, place and surrounding issues.” In simpler terms, students should expect to gain the valuable art of observation and selection of ideal locations to shoot the self-images. There will also be a brief exploration into the concepts of “identity, self-hood and memory” as well as the opportunity to “develop new ideas to make your photography more relevant to your aims.”

Though knowledge of photography and its related terms like ISO, aperture, shutter speed, white balance, and how to change these on your digital SLR or bridge camera is appreciated, it’s not mandatory.

Selfie takers have many-a-times forgotten the gravity of events unfolding around them, and have made a fool of themselves in the process. Perhaps the selfie course will include a few words of advice about this aspect as well.

[Image Credit | AP, Getty Images, AFP, Dave Benett]