Sam Smith: Incredible Voice, Remarkable Year And Deserving Of An Aussie Vacation With His Boyfriend [Photos]

Sam Smith stormed the charts over the course of 2014 and became a household name due to his delicious vocals and hypnotic melodies. The 22-year-old singer-songwriter initially had trouble determining what it was that made his album In The Lonely Hour so successful. Smith admits to mulling over the reason and responded to Digital Spy, last month, about this very question.

“I sit here all day every day at the moment dissecting what it is that’s made this album connect, so I can try and attempt to repeat the same success on the second record. The truth is, I personally have to believe that what’s made this record so successful is the honesty. People can relate to it and how I was feeling. That’s all it is. I’ve got to make sure I’m just as honest on my next one.”

A well-worded reply that is most certainly true. However, I think if anyone was asked why his album has been such a success their response would simply be that it’s brilliant and a magical experience for the sense of sound. Smith’s persistent top standings on the charts are telling of this.

Digital Spy reminds of Sam’s achievements stating, “As well as being crowned the biggest-selling debut artist in the UK and the US this year, the Brits Critics’ Choice winner has cemented his role as one of Britain’s brightest male vocalists.”

Smith seemed to be soaking up both success and sun as of late while enjoying a trip to Sydney with his boyfriend Jonathan Zeizel, who was an extra in Sam’s “Like I Can” video. MTV News relayed the info about the couple’s spectacular adventures noting “the British angel-voiced singer” has definitely got model looks to go along with his musical talent.

Take a look at pictures Smith posted to Instagram of himself and boyfriend on their well-deserved Australian getaway.

It is clear that Sam Smith has firmly positioned himself in the entertainment industry, surrounded himself with the right people to ensure that his success continues and is more than just a fleeting top 40 hit-maker. Smith is here to stay, as Hugh McIntyre of Forbes Magazine notes.

“What is nice about Smith is that he seems poised and ready for a long, successful career, no matter which way the winds of pop music sway. We have no idea where the Meghan Trainors and Iggy Azaleas of the world will be in a few years or so, but it may be safe to guess that he will be around in one form or another for some time.”

Undoubtedly the world has only seen a fraction of what Smith is capable of and an assumption that the hits will just keep on coming is definitely not a far-fetched prediction.

Watch Sam Smith perform ‘Lay Me Down’ on The Ellen Show.