You Can Now Catch The Trailer For Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’ … If You Look Really Hard

Marvel knows it’s got quite a job ahead if it wants to turn the little known Ant-Man into a franchise character on the level of Iron Man, and that’s why the House of Ideas is kicking the hype into high gear. Right now, you can catch a glimpse of the newest Marvel franchise in action. You’ll just, you know, have to look really, really, really, really closely.

Marvel on Friday released a snippet of a trailer for Ant-Man. In classic Marvel form, though, they released the trailer in an “ant-sized” format, meaning it’s too small and indistinguishable for anyone to really clearly suss out what’s going on.

This being the internet, though, and with Ant-Man being a Marvel movie, you had to know that the trailer wasn’t going to stay ant-sized for too long. Over at HitFix, the Ant-Man trailer got the GIF treatment, revealing a few fuzzy details about a movie that, really, we haven’t heard too much about so far.

ant-man trailer
What is this? A trailer for ants? Oh. Well played, Marvel. Image via HitFix.

That’s still not a lot to go on, but it looks like we can see Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang character being escorted somewhere by a few authority figures. That jibes well with what we’ve heard of the soon-to-be Ant-Man, whom Marvel has described as a roguish character who has to discover his inner hero in order to save the world. Ant-Man is reportedly going to be a different sort of movie from other Marvel films. Where Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America have so far mostly relied on the standard action hero formula, it looks like Ant-Man is going to take a different tack. Marvel is pitching the idea as a heist flick, possibly one quite different from anything else Marvel has done.

There are also shots of Ant-Man’s love interest, Evangeline Lilly, entering some sort of room, which could be an underground lair of sorts. The rest is blurry gibberish. There’s running and possibly a blue explosion, and maybe Michael Douglas – the former Ant-Man – turning on the lights. Again, it’s ant-sized, and the resolution is atrocious, even when blown up.

If the resized GIF wasn’t enough for you, there’s also a resized video version. That gives a better look at the action, but it’s still not going to reveal too much about the action. Marvel means for this ant trailer to be a teaser to a teaser.

When can you get a clearer look at Ant-Man? Well, Marvel’s going to release a normal-sized, higher-resolution version of the trailer next week during the premiere of Agent Carter. If we’re lucky, though, maybe a normal-sized Ant-Man snippet will leak to the internet early, just like what happened with the Age of Ultron trailer. One can hope, no?