Palestinian Authority Central Committee Member Calls U.S. ‘The Cobra’s Head’

While many of the “suits” in the Palestinian Authority’s Fatah party, a group derived from terrorist Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian Liberation Organization, only speak in Arabic, among themselves when it comes to their true feelings about America, one Fatah central committee member shared his thoughts with RT.

In an interview with central committee member Abbas Zaki, the party member condemned the US as well as threatening her.

“The whole world should understand that the US is an enemy, pushing Israeli extremists to carry on with their actions, depriving us of our rights, and supporting Israel in everything.”

The RT report claims that Zaki compared the US administration with “The cobra’s head,” adding that Zaki, “vowed retaliation if America doesn’t change its current stance.”

Nevertheless, Zaki claimed in the interview that the recent failed Palestinian bid to force outdated and unrealistic borders on Israel was no fault of the PA.

“It’s just the persistent unwillingness of the US administration to give the Palestinian people its lawful right of self-determination. It’s a very dangerous precedent. The US administration realizes very well that 138 states support Palestine as having UN observer status. The US knows that there are many decisions and resolutions of international organizations condemning the Israeli crimes and injustice towards the Palestinian people. Regardless of all that, the current US administration still uses its right to veto.”

Zaki also pulled no punches in his scathing attack on the Jewish State, in an interview with official PA TV in March, calling Israelis “an advanced instrument of evil,” claiming “Allah will gather them so that we can kill them.”

And in revealing his, and the Palestinian Authority’s true intentions, Zaki admitted back in 2011 that the U.N. bid, as well as all other ploys are just that, rouses to bring an end to the existence of the State of Israel, as he said.

“If Israel withdraws from Jerusalem, evacuates the 650,000 settlers, and dismantles the wall, what will become of Israel? It will come to an end. If we say that we want to wipe Israel out…C’mon, it’s too difficult. It’s not [acceptable] policy to say so. Don’t say these things to the world,” he warned. ‘Keep it to yourself.'”

In many ways Israel should thank Mr. Zaki for removing the veil of lies from the PA’s rhetoric, proving that just because people wear suits, it doesn’t mean they can be trusted. And certainly not to be bound by long-term “peace” agreements in a volatile place like the Middle East.