Neglected Dog Suffers In Fur So Matted, He Couldn’t Move Or Breathe: See Shocking Photos

A neglected dog suffered with fur so matted that he couldn’t breathe or move. Shocking photos reveal the animal’s condition when he was rescued from owners that inherited him from Gore Zhdanov in Russia.

Cocos barely recognizable before hair was completely removed.
Cocos, barely recognizable, before hair was completely removed.

The U.K.’s Mail Online reveals that the Bobtail dog was neglected for a year. He had just enough food and water to keep him alive, but he was otherwise ignored. This left his coat in peril, matting heavily with feces and urine. It took six workers three hours to relieve the animal of his horrendous covering. In fact, the poor dog even had abscesses and sores underneath it all.

Cocos could barely move or breathe because he was matted in feces and urine after a year of neglect.

The owners who took the animal in were so detached from him that they didn’t know his name. Rescuers have named him Cocos. Fortunately, Cocos is expected to recover fully after his terrible 12-month experience with those who didn’t want him.

Vitaly Kornilova, one of the dog’s rescuers, shares what happened when they took the neglected dog in.

“He could barely walk, and was in a pitiful state. Relatives called us to take him away because they decided they wanted to sell the flat now that the inheritance paperwork been completed.”

“They said they had kept the dog to guard the flat against vandals but now wanted to get rid of it.”

“Six people spent three hours trimming Cocos fur, filling four 100 liter bags with dog hair. After that, Cocos’ teeth were thoroughly cleaned.”

Disgusting: It took six workers to get the Bobtail dog’s hair back in half-decent shape.

Cocos has found a good home with Elena Rivvo. She’s reportedly a local expert in Bobtails. She has Cocos on a healthy regime of vitamins in addition to a good diet so he can get all of his strength back.

According to Dog Breed Info, bobtails are an Old English Sheepdog that grow a substantially long, thick, coarse hair. They’re a breed that is higher maintenance compared to various other breeds when it comes to their grooming. Moreover, if the dog’s hair isn’t brushed thoroughly from the undercoat all the way through, it can develop skin problems within three weeks and make the animal vulnerable to parasites.

Happy: Cocos now has a loving home once again — this time with a woman who’s an expert in Bobtails.

While bobtails are good guard dogs for apartments, they require exercise, attention, and must have their coat well-maintained.

The Inquisitr published a similar article about a neglected dog that required a complete makeover. The transformation was dramatic and shows how much happier a dog is when cared for in the right way and live a life they deserve.

[Images via Mail Online]

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