WWE News: Have ‘WrestleMania 31’ And ‘Royal Rumble’ Plans Changed With The Return Of Daniel Bryan?

Even though Royal Rumble is next on the slate, many are already getting ready for WrestleMania 31, as it is less than four months away. This past week on Raw, Daniel Bryan made a huge announcement that he wasn’t retiring but entering the big battle royal, though this brought about a huge question.

With his return from injury, is WWE toying with the idea of changing the plans for WrestleMania 31?

It has been expected for some time now that Roman Reigns would go on to win the Royal Rumble match and a main event spot at WrestleMania 31. The match for the WWE Heavyweight title against Brock Lesnar would close out the show.

There has been concern that Reigns still isn’t ready for such a big spot. Fansided agrees with that point of view.

“Since his return following hernia surgery, Reigns has not been getting the crowd reactions that they would have hoped for, and despite reportedly going through acting classes, his work on the microphone has not improved at all.”

According to WrestleZone, WWE officials were first notified of Daniel Bryan’s return about three weeks ago, and that was when they decided to have him enter the Royal Rumble match. Now, the thought is there that Bryan’s return could alter plans for Reigns.

Well, it appears that isn’t the case, and that the plan for Reigns to win the big match and go on to headline WrestleMania 31 is still in place.

For anyone who watched Raw the past few weeks, you could easily see and hear that Bryan’s appearances generated much bigger crowd reactions than Reigns. Only time will tell on this one though, and it’s not certain who Daniel Bryan or Roman Reigns would face if they didn’t take on Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31.

As for the rest of the card, it’s still kind of up in the air.

Bray Wyatt is in line for one of two opponents. Some believe that WWE is having him keep getting victories over Dean Ambrose to have him looking strong for a possible WrestleMania 31 match with the Undertaker.

That is, if the Undertaker is even going to wrestle at the event or ever again. That’s still a mystery.

If Wyatt doesn’t face Undertaker, plans could be for him to take on Sting. As CageSideSeats reported, the original plan for Sting to take on Triple H may be changing, but there have also been rumors that Sting could face Seth Rollins at the biggest event of the year.

With so much time left before WrestleMania 31, many things could change and the entire set of plans could be altered. Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns appear the front-runners to win the Royal Rumble, but that even appears to be something that no one is sure of just yet.

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