Kylie Jenner Reportedly ‘Pissed’ She’s Too Young To Party With Tyga This New Year’s Eve

Kylie Jenner may look pretty old for her age, but the fact that she’s only sweet 17 means that she can’t go party this New Year’s Eve with her boyfriend Tyga, and she is reportedly “pissed” about it.

An inside source revealed to Radar Online today that while Tyga is 25 and therefore has no issue hitting the clubs, Kylie Jenner can’t, even though, she and he, “love to party together, and Kylie is pissed because she cannot go clubbing on New Year’s Eve like everyone else she knows,” said the source.

The insider also alleged that Kylie is secretly complaining to her sisters, saying that as she’s so famous she can’t get away with a fake ID, like other girls her age, as the source added.

“She is telling her sisters that it is not fair that she is so famous because she cannot get a fake ID or go out to a club or bar without people automatically knowing who she is. That isn’t going to stop her from trying to sneak into some clubs tonight.”

Nevertheless, according to the Radar insider, Kylie Jenner won’t be staying at home and sulking, “They are going to be hitting up a few house parties too,” the source says.

Radar previously reported that despite the Kardashian family unanimously disapproving of Tyga as a boyfriend for Kylie, she is “doing whatever she can” to stay close to her rapper boyfriend.

The source added, “Her ego has really gotten out of hand lately. She is looking forward to 2015 because she will finally be 18 and will be allowed to do whatever she wants and can finally go public with Tyga since she will be an adult.”

With all that to contend with, along with a less than awesome New Year’s Eve, it remains to be seen whether or not the Kylie/Tyga relationship will last, and if it does, for how long.

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