South Korean Activist Will Airdrop Copies Of 'The Interview' To North Korea

On Wednesday, a South Korean activist said that he has something in store for North Korea. Park Sang-hak, the South Korean leading the campaign said that he will be launching balloons carrying 100,000 units of USBs and DVDs loaded with the controversial film The Interview that will be airdropping in North Korea.

Park explained that the campaign is their effort to break the personality cult surrounding North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un. He also added that the move may begin as early as late January, provided that the weather conditions are ideal, International Business Times reports.

As previously reported by Inquisitr, Sony announced that the movie has been rented or downloaded more than 2 million times through channels like Google Play, Xbox Video, and YouTube movies.

The Interview has been the center of controversy for some time, with tensions rising between the U.S. and North Korea. U.S. has been blaming North Korea for the hacking of Sony Entertainment, and while the North Koreans deny their involvement, they are seeking retaliation, USA Today reports.

The campaign to drop copies of The Interview is reportedly funded by a U.S.-based non-profit organization, Human Rights Foundation. Park spoke more about the move in an interview.

"North Korea's absolute leadership will crumble if the idolization of leader Kim breaks down."
Though the move seems to be a good idea, its success raises questions, as there are only a few people who own computers in North Korea. According to analysts, North Koreans need to seek permission from the government if they want to own a computer. In addition, the cost of a computer is said to be more than double the amount of the salary of the average North Korean.

North Korea has already told South Korea not to push through with their plan, but South Koreans refuse to listen, as they choose to practice their freedom of speech.

This is not the first time South Korea has planned to make a move on North Korea. In October, activists from South Korea used balloons to float propaganda leaflets against the North Korean leader. The balloons were shot down by North Korea's military, and shots were fired back and forth between the two for several hours.

The movie, starring James Franco and Seth Rogen, revolves around the planned assassination of North Korea's leader. Despite its limited theatrical release, Sony Pictures announced that the film garnered $15 million during the holiday weekend from rentals and online purchases. Viewers have also been raving about The Interview on Twitter.

[Image via WNPR News]