Despite iOS 8, Apple iPhone Owners Unhappy About Battery Life – But There Are A Few Nifty Solutions

Apple’s latest update to iOS 8 was hoped by many to have addressed the rather long standing issue with battery-life. However, even after iOS 8.1.2, iPhone owners are still grumbling about the battery-drain.

Surprisingly, even after months into releasing the iOS 8.1.2 update, things don’t seem to be going right for the Apple fans. Though iPhone owners had eagerly updated their devices hoping it would put an end to their battery woes, the long-standing battery issue refuses to die. Though Apple never claimed to have included a fix in this update, many were confident that Apple, who was routinely made aware of the issue, would do something about it.

But what is truly surprising and perhaps shocking is the fact that not only Apple appears to have failed miserably to address the batter-drain in iOS 8, but appears to have no clue at all about what is causing the drain and neither seems aware of where to start. Apple’s inability to address the battery issue is now giving a tough time to even the most dedicated of Apple fans. Apart from battery-drain, iOS 8 users seem to suffer from some other problems which include broken Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

There are a few tricks which can help you address the problem in iOS8. However, these fixes won’t address the issue at it its core, but nonetheless offer a breather.

The first advice is to simply look at Settings -> General -> Usage -> Battery Usage and then manage the apps that eat the most battery. You can limit your use of the app in iOS 8 using settings which include when away from power; stop its background activity or remove it completely from your iPhone or iPad. Thereafter head to Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh -> Now turn off the apps that are consuming a lot of power.

Interestingly, one of the oft skipped-upon steps is to simply reboot your iPhone. iOS 8, just like any Operating System, needs a good start from scratch and dump away all the redundant and resource hungry processes. Another one involves using a larger charger than the one that comes bundled with the iPhone.

Though these are pretty obvious solutions, there are a few meant only for the bold users. These include restoring the iOS 8.1.2 update. To do this Turn off Find My iPhone in Settings -> iCloud -> Find my iPhone -> Off. Thereafter in iTunes Click Restore. This should reinstall iOS 8 from scratch. Make sure you have backed-up everything before restoring.

Turn On Grayscale In Accessibility To Extend Battery Life
Turn On Grayscale In Accessibility To Extend Battery Life

Bonus: As reported by BGR, one of the features that can help extend the battery is enabling ‘Grayscale’ by going into the ‘Accessibility’ section of settings in iOS 8.

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