WWE: Adrian Neville Call Up To Main Roster Slated For Spring, More NXT Ahead?

Adrian Neville’s rise to the main WWE roster may take a bit longer than fans were expecting, but not by much.

On Wrestling Observer Radio in the last few minutes of the broadcast, Bryan Alvarez said that his sources were showing no “call-up date” set in stone and that the debut would more likely be towards the spring.

Recent reports have been standoffish about setting a definite date, though Royal Rumble wasn’t outside the realm of possibility, and most fans were already groaning at the prospect of seeing Adrian Neville in a rumored Mighty Mouse gimmick. Or, in other words, little guy, surprising strength; why does Neville even need a gimmick?

Some clarification that Alvarez shares is slightly encouraging. Instead of a directionless Mighty Mouse approach, the WWE is favoring a more Crash Holly-inspired gimmick, which could be cool in Neville’s more than capable hands.

With WWE now sharpening its focus on the former NXT Champion, and taking its time bringing him to the main roster, fans can hope for something more inspired than what has happened with Big E and Bo Dallas.

As a result, fans can expect more Adrian Neville matches at the Florida-based training ground for WWE.

On Saturday, the Inquisitrreported that more refinery could be in the works for Neville. Here’s an excerpt from that, which stemmed from a Wrestling News Source report.

“As was previously reported, WWE’s creative team has been giving some serious thought to repackaging NXT talent Adrian Neville when he debuts on the main roster. They’re still talking about having him debut with a gimmick inspired by Mighty Mouse.

“Things haven’t been finalized yet and there’s still a chance that they won’t decide to give him this new gimmick, but Neville is expected to be the next talent to debut on the main roster from NXT after the Ascension tag team.”

Here’s hoping that Alvarez’s update is one that WWE stands behind. For starters, fans could definitely use some more in-ring work between Neville and current champ Sami Zayn.

The two worked incredibly well together as adversaries, and when Zayn gets the inevitable call up to Stamford, Connecticut, it could make for a compelling main roster feud.

But what do you think, readers?

Is the new info encouraging, or do you think that WWE will botch the rollout of Adrian Neville as they have with some of the other NXT talent? Sound off in our comments section.

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