You Won’t Believe The Designs This Man Can Create Out Of Pancake Batter [Video]

Edible art is taken to a holiday level with these festive pancake creations by Saipancakes. From snowflakes to candy canes, these flap jack creations are pretty impressive.

The video uploaded to YouTube is simply titled “festive pancakes,” and the description is incredibly accurate. Instead of traditional round pancakes, this pancake artist and dad uses pancake batter to create classic holiday images.

The video starts with a simple hot skillet, but as the batter is placed on the pan, you can easily see these are no ordinary pancakes. For those of us who struggle to make a decent round pancake, what this pancake master does is beyond words. The first pancake creation is a detailed Christmas ornament. The ornament looks good as it is being drawn onto the pan with pancake batter. However, when the pancake is flipped over, you won’t believe your eyes.

The ornament is followed by a beautiful little snowflake, boxes of Christmas presents, Christmas bells, a candy cane complete with a ribbon, and a Christmas tree. The dad behind Saipancakes said the pancake designs started as something special for his kids. Be sure to check out all of the amazing pancakes.

Speaking of strange and unusual pancakes, the Inquisitr previously reported on the ISIS cookbook and its special active terrorist pancake recipe.

What do you think of this holiday pancake creations? Do you think you could pull any of these off, or are you still struggling to master the round pancake?

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