Michael Brown Shooting Special In Missouri Bar Offered Six Shots For Every Bullet, Ferguson Protesters Outraged

A Michael Brown shot special in a Missouri bar called Mug Shots offered six shots of alcohol for every bullet that hit Brown. When photos of this Michael Brown shot special began to spread on social media, Ferguson protesters were outraged.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, President Barack Obama believes racism in America has actually lessened, and claims the racial violence perpetrated by the so-called “Black Lives Matter” movement does not accurately reflect the state of the nation.

When Michael Brown was fatally shot by police officer Darren Wilson on August 9, at least six bullets struck the 18-year-old man. Although the death lighted a torch for protests throughout the nation, the owners of the Mug Shots bar in St. Joseph, Missouri, thought it would be a good idea to offer up a Michael Brown silver bullet special that gave six shots of Jose Cinge for $10.

Michael Brown Drink Special

When photos of the Michael Brown special showed up on Facebook, many people were outraged, but the bar owners insisted it was only for fun.

“It’s not meant to cause any harm,” an unidentified owner of the bar told Fox 4. “I should have thought a little bit more about it before I made it a shot special. It looked like it was getting a good response [from local competitors] so I just decided to use it here. That’s what bar owners do if they find something works at another bar they try to use it at their bar.”

Brian Kline of the St. Joseph Anonymous group protested the Michael Brown shot special, saying, “We’re not out here to burn anything down or anything like that, but you know, we talked it out.


The Michael Brown shooting continues to have repercussions in Ferguson. A memorial set up for the dead man in the street was run over a car, and one Ferguson cop allegedly called it a “pile of trash” that didn’t deserve investigation or an arrest. Although the Ferguson police department at first denied this comment, police officer Timothy Zoll was eventually suspended.

Police officers throughout the United States have also felt the brunt of the Michael Brown shooting. Several NYPD officers visited Chipotle, only to have some employees refuse service and raise their arms in the “don’t shoot” position. One woman was charged for tossing a box of raw bacon at cops because God allegedly told her to “feed the pigs.”