Eva Green Experiences A Curse And A Blessing In ‘Penny Dreadful’ Teaser Trailer

Eva Green dominates the short teaser recently released for Penny Dreadful’s upcoming second season. Eva plays Vanessa Ives in the Showtime horror television series. In the trailer, Green addresses someone unseen in a voice over.

The brief trailer is short and cryptic, as reported by Entertainment Weekly. Eva’s character refers to a curse that she now sees as a blessing. Brief glimpses of the other cast members follow, including Josh Hartnett and Timothy Dalton. The second season of Penny Dreadful starring Green will air in 2015 for ten episodes.

Eva’s character appears first at a window as her voice over begins. The trailer flashes to Hartnett’s character, Ethan Chandler, who looks at two dead bodies in an overturned room. Next, Sir Malcolm Murray (Dalton) rides in a carriage. Then Vanessa collapses on the snow. Blood splatters and a creepy hand emerging from a bathtub (possibly Green’s) round out the trailer.

Below is the teaser trailer “A Curse and a Blessing” which features Green.

IGN reports that Penny Dreadful‘s second season will focus on a villain fixated on Eva’s character. The medium, Madame Kali, played by Helen McCrory, will be a big “seasonal villain” who may pose a danger to Green. McCrory already appeared in two episodes, beginning with “Seance” that provides a glimpse of the medium at work.

Penny Dreadful has been a success for Showtime, as covered the Inquisitr. Green’s character is an original creation. Eva plays a woman who was possessed by a demon and who is trying to learn what affects that possession will have for her. The show itself combines popular horror tales of Frankenstein, Dracula, and The Picture of Dorian Gray into its plot.

Cast and crew are currently filming, as shown on Penny Dreadful‘s Twitter page.

Eva revealed in an interview to promote the show that her character and Hartnett’s will grow closer in the coming episodes. Their relationship will develop and is something “beautiful” according to Green. The second season will also explore if Eva’s Vanessa Ives wants to excise or utilize the demons that haunt her.

Watch the full interview with Eva below.

[Photo Source: The Orlando Sentinel]