Lizard Squad Vs Anonymous: Hackers Say They Took Xbox Live, PSN Down For Our Own Good

When the Lizard Squad hacker group took both PSN and Xbox Live down on Christmas Day, many a child and gamer adult were dismayed when they could not play their new gaming Christmas gifts immediately. But the Lizard Squad claims they have a very good reason for why they took down both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gaming joy on such an auspicious day. Regardless of these claims, the Anonymous hacker group has declared war for interrupting everyone’s holiday joy.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Kim Dotcom came to the rescue against those Lizard Squad grinches by offering lifetime Mega membership vouchers, including 500GB of storage, if they would stop the DDoS attack against Microsoft and Sony.

And those companies are precisely the problem, according to Lizard Squad. They criticize how both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network charge a considerable amount of cash every year for subscriptions, yet some how cannot create a stable server system that can withstand the Lizard Squad’s attacks.

“If I was working [at Microsoft or Sony] and had a big enough budget I could totally stop these attacks,” a member of Lizard Squad named “Ryan Cleary” claimed according to the Daily Dot. “I’d buy more bandwidth, some specific equipment, and configure it correctly. It’s just about programming skill. With an attack of this scale it could go up to the millions. But that’s really no problem for Sony and Microsoft.”

Cleary even brags that Lizard Squad has “some devices that are connected to the undersea cables that facilitate the Internet connects between the United States and Europe.” Another Lizard Squad hacker spoke to BBC News, and he explained the purpose was to get Sony and Microsoft to change even if it meant jail time.

“It’s not so much that we don’t care about [people’s lives] being disrupted,” the Lizard Squad member clarified. “Surely people could go for one day [without playing games], you know, it wasn’t even a day in total. It was just 12 to 14 hours… If I get caught, then I get caught. Maybe I’ll end up serving time, or maybe I’ll end up helping companies, help them get better I guess.”

Now Anonymous has declared war on Lizard Group, declaring that the other hacker group “made an enemy” of Anon and warned that “now you are all going down.” The Anonymous hacker group may have launched initiatives for similar reasons in the past, but taking Xbox Live and PSN down on Christmas Day apparently was not the reason for this announcement, although the timing could said to be suspicious.

“Greetings Gaming Community & Lizard Squad aka Finest, It has come to our attention that despite our continued warnings you have decided to disregard our requests to stop promoting propaganda such as “Anonymous has joined up with the FBI”. The only Anon that ever worked with the FBI is Sabu, the former Lulzsec’s leader and now he’s know as the biggest traitor and scumbag that shopped hes friends to the police in order to save himself among all Anonymous parties. The Leader of Lizard Squad Jord is also the leader of Finest Squad which is in the same position as Sabu (shopped two of hes friends to the police after hacked by Anonymous and, now is struggling to escape from us). Everything that’s happening right now such as “Interview” is a typical brainwashing method of drama in order to save himself. You have made an enemy of Anonymous by saying that we are supporting FBI and now you are all going down!”

What do you think of the justification made by Lizard Squad for taking down all the gaming networks needed to play on Xbox One and PlayStation 4?

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