Tim Burton: 'I Think I Upset McDonald's' With 'Batman Returns'

Jonathan Franks

Director Tim Burton opened up in a recent interview with Yahoo to promote his new film, Big Eyes, starring Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz.

However, the topic of discussion shifted momentarily to Tim Burton's 1992 hit superhero film, Batman Returns.

From a box-office perspective, the movie was a big hit. It made well over $266.8 million on an $80 million budget. However, there were many fans, critics, and (according to Burton) sponsors that did not really like the movie very much at all.

During the interview, the 56-year-old director may have surprised quite a few people by mentioning that McDonald's was featured on that list of unhappy sponsors.

"I think I upset McDonald's. [They asked] 'What's that black stuff coming out of the Penguin's mouth? We can't sell Happy Meals with that!'"

In addition to discussing McDonald's reaction, Tim also focused on how Warner Bros. felt about the movie, too.

"I think the studio just thought it was too weird -- they wanted to go with something more child or family-friendly. In other words, they didn't want me to do another one."

More than 20 years later, however, Batman Returns is still viewed as one of the best Batman films of all time. According to some of the comments on Twitter, quite a few people even view it is a classic Christmas movie.

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