Amanda Bynes Hair Color Change: Actress Dyes Her Hair Just In Time For Christmas

Amanda Bynes’ hair color has taken an unexpected turn just in time for the holidays. On Christmas, the troubled actress posted a pic online showing that her long locks have been dyed chocolate brown. The normal new hair color looks rather lovely on the 28-year-old celebrity, even if the change was unexpected. As recently as November of this year, Amanda Bynes’ hair color was a startling shade of purple. In early December, she was a blonde.

According to People, the new hair color was a surprise, since it has been only a couple of months since Bynes debuted her shocking purple hue. Her decision to sport lavender locks earlier this year shortly followed her release from a psychiatric facility, where she had been held involuntarily after engaging in a series of bizarre actions, including alleged shoplifting. With the challenges of 2014 behind her, Bynes could be using her revitalized appearance to demonstrate that she is a changed woman both inside and out. She even plans to enroll in the University of Southern California, People reported.

Unfortunately, not everyone has been supportive of Amanda Bynes’s new look. Several Twitter users took the time to post cruel responses to her recent pic, in which she wears very little makeup and looks particularly pale.

“@amandabynes thank u amanda Bynes you look ugly here,” one person wrote about her Christmas Twitpic.

“you look like death,” offered another unkind opinion.

As the Celebrity Cafe noted, Bynes does not look especially merry in her Christmas selfie. Despite the unhappy expression on her face in the pic, she took the time to add the caption “Merry Christmas” for her 3.75 million followers. Bynes herself follows only four people.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Bynes broke her self-imposed Twitter silence earlier this month after a weeks-long hiatus when she showed her fans a “perfectly normal” photo of herself looking rather skinny. The full-length photo of the actress was taken at the Boutique Jules in the Valley Village, California. It shows her modeling a two-piece outfit that clung to her slim hips and exposed a good expanse of flat, toned abs, and pin-thin limbs. For those who are keeping track, Amanda Bynes’s hair color was blonde that day.

Comments are welcome. Do you like Amanda Bynes’ hair color, or do you prefer her with a blonde or purple mane?

[Image via Amanda Bynes Twitter]