Cameron Diaz Engaged To Benji Madden? Double Engagement Rings Lead To Conflicting Reports

Cameron Diaz is in the news headlines once again, and this time, it’s about the serious allegations being made that she is newly engaged to ex-Good Charlotte member, Benji Madden.

It seems that in order to spark rumors, Diaz was spotted on the red carpet in October, posing for the cameras wearing a “sparkling ring” on the ring finger of her left hand.

But now, just to totally confuse the paparazzi and the rest of the media, Cameron Diaz was seen days after her red carpet appearance wearing a totally different ring on the same finger of the same hand.

As reported by Us Weekly and People, the media are now unsure which one of the rings was the real engagement ring or if it was all just a clever decoy in time for Christmas.

An inside source told Us Weekly last week that Diaz isn’t all that “interested in marriage,” so what’s with the double engagement rings, if they were even engagement rings at all. Why can’t Cameron Diaz just come clean on her relationship status on Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram like most celebs?

Some Gawker commenters weighed in with their thoughts about the Cameron Diaz engagement rumors, like Jerry Netherland who posted, “Does anyone think she’s really interested in marriage — as opposed to just collecting some fun bling? She’s always struck me as the kind of gal who really has no interest in matrimony — and I like that about her.”

Another Gawker follower, with the interesting user name of DontBeSuchaBoobPunchTina, also commented, saying, “I think Diaz takes the attitude that she’ll do it if it happens along, and it’s no big if it doesn’t. Also I’m a little surprised that apparently Benji Madden happened along. I’m not sure why this seems like a weird match to me, but it does. I guess I think she could do better. But evidently she disagrees, and hey, it’s her life! I hope they’ll be very happy.”

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