’16 and Pregnant’ Season 6: MTV Announces Casting Call

16 and Pregnant is the hit MTV show which has both raised awareness against teen pregnancy as well as controversy for allegedly glamorizing parenthood. The show has had five successful seasons of the show and it looks like they are gearing up for a sixth season of the hit show. While rumors of a sixth season have been swirling for a while, an official casting call was posted on MTV’s website looking for a new crop of pregnant teens to share their stories.

The show has faced criticism in the past and with a new season being cast, there is no doubt that will happen again. Over the years, 16 and Pregnant hasn’t been shy about showing viewers just how harrowing having an unplanned pregnancy at a young age can be for a young girl. While most of the girls featured on the show raise their children, there have been some instances of adoption. These story lines are always bittersweet as it gives viewers a look at, not only the hardships of being pregnant at a young age, but also the added emotions of placing a child up for adoption.

The first season of 16 and Pregnant was wildly successful, resulting in the hit spin-off Teen Mom. The second season of the show was also a hit resulting in yet another spin-off, Teen Mom 2. Interestingly, both Teen Mom series are set to come back for new seasons showing that MTV has a successful show on their hands. There was a short-lived Teen Mom 3 which followed the girls from the fourth season of 16 and Pregnant, but viewers did not connect with the cast members and it was canceled after only one season. A fifth season of the show did not result in an spin-offs, but a Where Are They Now special is set to air on MTV early next year as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Teen Mom Junkies also reported on the upcoming sixth season of the show and revealed some rumors about the new season. According to the site, MTV may follow the cast members for longer periods of time. Since the start of the show, MTV has caught up with the girls usually when they were already in the second and third trimester of their pregnancies and didn’t follow up with them for too long after the girls gave birth. It is rumored that may change this year and that cameras may follow the girls for a longer period of time following birth in order to give better insight into the hardships of teen pregnancy.

Also being speculated is payments. 16 and Pregnant has long been slammed for glamorizing teen pregnancy and showing girls that, by getting pregnant, they will become reality show stars. There have allegedly been instances of girls getting pregnant solely for the chance to be on the show and that is something MTV understandably wants to avoid. As a result, Teen Mom Junkies speculates that payments may change and that MTV may go in new directions to find genuine cast members.

There is no air date for the upcoming season of 16 and Pregnant, but it may premiere sometime late next year.

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