’16 and Pregnant’ Season 5 Cast Coming Back To MTV

16 and Pregnant is MTV’s hit television show that has had five successful seasons. The show debuted in 2009 on MTV and initially followed six girls as they found themselves pregnant at a young age. Although the network likely had no idea how well the show would do in its first season, it was a hit and soon a spin-off titled Teen Mom hit the airwaves, following four of the original six cast members.

Since the first season of the show, there have been four other seasons. The second season followed 19 girls for the show and four of those for the subsequent Teen Mom 2 spin-off, which is still going strong on MTV. The third season of the show featured some of the most controversial girls ever shown and, needless to say, the network did not follow up with a Teen Mom special, but went back to that formula after the fourth season of 16 and Pregnant.

Teen Mom 3 did not do well and fans never seemed to connect with the girls picked for the show. That decision left some wondering if 16 and Pregnant would be over for good, but MTV came back with 12 new girls to share their stories. Like the girls shown on the third season, some of the cast featured on the fifth season were pretty controversial and fans will get to see just how much their lives have changed in an all-new catch up special airing on MTV.

Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports that the special will air in December or January, but that not all the girls will be featured. While it isn’t uncommon for cast members to speak out about their negative experiences, seldom do they choose to not appear on the Where Are They Now? special. However, the Ashley confirms that at least two girls from the fifth season have decided not to appear on the special, but will do Skype interviews in order to fulfill their contractual obligations.

Karley Shipley was an early fan favorite who gave birth to twin girls. Like Teen Mom 2’s Leah Messer, she named both of her daughters with “A” names. Despite having an interesting episode, she chose against having the cameras come back to film her for “personal reasons.” Arianna Hazel also declined to have the cameras back to film her, citing personal reasons.

Interestingly, Jordan Cashmyer did allow the cameras back in for filming sometime in the past two months. What makes her update particularly interesting is that she is reportedly on the verge of losing custody of her daughter. Not only that, but as previously reported by the Inquisitr, she has been going through some tough times, even going as far as to attempt suicide. The 16 and Pregnant star is currently working as a stripper and reportedly rarely spends time with her daughter. Both Jordan Cashmyer’s ex-boyfriend and her own father have spoken out about her behavior and her parents may take Jordan to court for custody.

Aleah, Autumn, Maddy, Savannah, Savon, and Summer all filmed segments for the upcoming 16 and Pregnant special. It is unclear if Millina, Jazmin, and Courtney actually filmed their segments with the cameras or if they will do Skype interviews.

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