Pedophile Police Officer Arrested Years After His Own Department Failed To Fire Him

A pedophile police officer caught a judge’s attention years after his own department caught him taking “up-skirt” photos of children years ago, and let him keep his job. Nick Lidstone allegedly admitted to a series of sex acts with a young victim over the course of his career.

The 54-year-old Cambridgeshire police sergeant had been previously arrested and given conditional discharge in 2005, but he was never fired. Having been caught using a spy pen to take the pictures, he was never charged or put on the list of sex offenders because the pictures were not considered a sexual violation by themselves.

Paedophile sergeant Nick Lidstone kept job despite ‘up-skirt’ pics of kids | Metro News

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Having allegedly agreed to counseling, Lidstone was allowed to keep his job, and then was discovered to have committed even worse crimes afterward.

Judge Anthony Bate looked into Lidstone’s actions and found 13 acts including rape and sex acts all committed after he had been caught taking the pictures. One particular victim, who remains unnamed due to her having been nine years old at the time, had been allegedly groomed as a “sex toy.”

The judge had some choice words for the pedophile police officer.

“You have one previous conviction which has two worrying aspects: firstly, the nature of the offence and secondly, the fact you were convicted under public order legislation when quite clearly these were serious sexual [offenses].

“You had armed yourself with a covert camera and were found taking pictures of children. Why on earth you were not charged under the sexual [offenses] act, I do not know.

“Whoever took that decision, it allowed you to carry on as a police officer.”

One witness who knew the young victim of pedophile police officer Nick Lidstone’s crimes claimed that his actions ruined her life, and “she has never been able to integrate or make friends.”

Deputy Chief Constable Alec Wood explained the recent actions for Lidstone’s sexual offenses and how the police department can ensure it never happens again.

“The sentence handed out today reflects the horrendous nature of Lidstone’s crimes, which were committed over a prolonged period of time.

“We want the public and our own employees to feel confident about raising concerns about the conduct of our officers and staff. We will always investigate these cases thoroughly and ensure any offenders are brought to justice.”

Lidstone pleaded not guilty to two counts of indecency, two counts of indecent assault, one count of sexual assault, and one count of rape. The pedophile police officer has been sentenced to fourteen and a half years in prison and been placed on the sex offenders list for life.

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