Mom Still Breastfeeds 3-Year-Old Triplets, Says It Teaches Them To Take Turns And Share

A mom still breastfeeds her triplets, even though they are three years old. Davina White, 45, isn’t ashamed that she nurses her trio of children in spite of the fact they now have teeth, drink from cups, and can eat other foods. She says that it’s a good teaching mechanism for her children to learn about sharing and taking turns, Mail Online Australia reports.

Triplets Willow, Connor, and Summer have been breastfed since they were born, eating 30 to 40 times a day and now eat twice — morning and night. The two daughters and one son get quality one-on-one time with their mother this way as well, White says.

“At three years old they are basically just fed to sleep, not that they actually fall asleep, it’s more like ‘fed to calm/sleepy,’” White tells DM.

The mother, who lives in Hong Kong with her husband, Jason, adds that the triplets she breastfeeds are competitive over morning feedings.

“My kids walk and talk and eat solid food and drink from a cup and are independent and have a full set of teeth… all the things that people point out as reasons for weaning, but in actuality a child can do all these things and still be breastfed.

“I think the weaning down of feeds during the day was partly because we got so busy… there was play and stimulation and they just asked for it less.

“I really only say no to them now… when we are out in public. I say that we will wait until we are home for that now, simply because I am aware of how many eyes are on us.”

The Wrights lived in New Zealand before moving to Hong Kong. It took some practice to get all three synchronized with the feedings. Time would go from 30 to 40 minutes then to 15 to 20 minutes. Now that they’re older, it takes 10 minutes to feed them.

Wright breastfed her daughters from her first marriage. They’re now adults. Both of them self-weaned at just over a year old. With the triplets, the mom began breastfeeding them with the goal of nursing them for two years. She admits that she’s amazed she still breastfeeds the triplets that are now three. She says the kids are happy and she continues doing it because it works for her family.

“But they are still happy with it and I am still happy with it and it works for our family so we keep going.”

In August, a report was out in The Sun about a mother who still breastfeeds her 5-year-old daughter.

[Photo Credit: Davina Wright via Australia Daily Mail]