Monster Buck Worth Almost $20K Escapes Hunting Pen, Teen Kills It

A monster buck worth close to $20,000 escaped from Stillwater Trophy Outfitters, a business in Ohio that offers high-fence trophy hunts for a fee.

That fee would have been $19,900 for 17-year-old Alex Wright had he shot the 30-point buck behind the fence, but the deer had escaped and found its way onto the land that Wright and his family usually hunt.

The boy knew the deer was in the area, reports Field & Stream, because he’d seen it on a trail camera image and heard about the escape previously.

Rather than notify Stillwater that their deer had escaped, he went ahead with the hunt.

“I knew it was one of the deer that escaped from the pen, but I figured that wasn’t my fault. I hunted like I would have any other deer that would have been there. I shot him in the heart, he went about 30 yards and dropped,” Wright said.

Wright’s buck had an estimated score of between 200 and 260 on the Boone & Crockett scale. According to Stillwater, anything north of 200 starts at the $19,900 price tag.

Wright admitted that the kill made him “emotional” afterwards.

“I’m not that old, but I’ve been waiting on a day like that for years,” he confessed to the Times Reporter. “I’ve been waiting on a big buck, but then it seemed like it would never happen. I’ve killed some does and I got a basket-rack 6-pointer a couple years ago, but nothing like this!”

Stillwater has not commented on the kill in either of the reports listed here, so it looks like this was truly a gift for the teen, and perhaps a bit of free advertising for the business.

As far as Wright’s future plans, he does intend to mount it and notes that he “will leave the tag in its ear that marks it as one of the escaped Stillwater deer,” F&S states.

This isn’t the first time that the Inquisitr has reported on an epic hunting story.

Earlier this month, there was a story about a Minnesota hunter who fought off a 525-pound bear using nothing but a small knife.

The bear attacked with such force that his left arm bone was broken in half. The man regained consciousness briefly after he was knocked out and saw the bear still around inflicting more damage to his broken hand. Reacting fast, he got hold of a five-inch pocket knife that he was carrying in his right hand. He stabbed the bear multiple times.

The bear’s carcass was found the next day.

As for the monster buck story, do you think the teen should have to pay for killing the deer, or was it just his lucky day?

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