Norman Reedus Hangs With Harry Styles, Reveals Lauren Cohan Crush

Norman Reedus had an interesting weekend. After partying with One Direction, The Walking Dead star took part in a revealing Reddit AMA.

Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik recently appeared on Saturday Night Live, and two of the guys ran into Norman Reedus at an SNL afterparty. Unreality TV shared a photo of a disinterested-looking Norman giving a thumbs-up sign while posing alongside Harry Styles at the NYC bash.

Norman Reedus Harry Styles

In a second photo, The Walking Dead star made an obscene gesture while posing with Louis Tomlinson and rocker Courtney Love.

Louis Tomlinson Norman Reedus

After spending Saturday night hobnobbing with other celebrities, Norman Reedus spent Sunday afternoon interacting with his adoring fans. The Walking Dead star took part in a Reddit AMA, and it was full of interesting revelations.

One redditor asked Reedus which Walking Dead character he'd like to play if he wasn't Daryl Dixon, and the actor hinted that he might have a little crush on Maggie Greene actress Lauren Cohan.

"hmm. um man. maybe steven for obvious reasons. or maybe rick. maybe judith. i could just eat and poop and sleep thru it."
Norman's first answer refers to Glenn Rhee actor Steven Yeun, the very lucky man who gets to play the love interest of Lauren Cohan's character. Daryl Dixon isn't getting any lovin' on the show, so you can understand why Reedus would be jealous of Yeun.

Of course Norman Reedus was asked numerous questions about Dixon's love life. One fan asked him if there would have been a chance of a Daryl/Beth romance if Emily Kinney's character hadn't been killed off, and Reedus responded by saying that "there was definitely a taste of it in the air."

If some Walking Dead fans get their way, Beth Greene will rise from the dead to give Dixon another shot at love. This definitely won't happen, but Reedus gave Caryl shippers a reason to rejoice when a fan asked him about the possibility of Daryl and Carol hooking up.

"i like where daryls going i really do. its interesting. the ups and downs the back and forths. love story i dunno never say never.carol and daryl are pretty close and respect each other and have each others backs."
Norman was asked which Walking Dead episodes were his favorite to film, and one of them was the recent episode that featured Daryl and Carol's excellent adventures in Atlanta.
"hey. favorite episode. oh man there are a lot. i liked stabbing my brother in the face. and falling off that bridge with mel. sitting by the edge of the road against the car talking to rick the morning after he chewed that dudes neck out was one of my favorite scenes to be in."
One clever Redditor asked Reedus if he'd rather "fight 100 squirrel-sized walkers or eat one walker-sized squirrel."
"hahhahah. i think fight tiny zombies. that would be so fun think of the tiny little ear necklaces i could make."
Reedus might love those ear necklaces, but Norman's Nymphos and Dixon's Vixens shouldn't waste their time cutting off Barbie ears, painting them green, and putting them on a string -- Reedus revealed what he wants for Christmas just in time for his feverish fans to add his ideal gifts to their shopping lists.
"hmmm let me think. movie marathon in bed with a mountain of chocolate in a panda bear onesie."
Norman Reedus is probably going to get a huge shipment of black and white footie pajamas and melted chocolate in the mail.

[Image credits: Unreality TV, AP via The Huffington Post, Just Jared]