Possum Breaks In To Man’s Home To Steal His Dinner [Video]

A man claims to be the victim of a “home invasion,” though the culprit was not what he expected. Alex Steele walked into his kitchen to find a hungry burglar snatching a loaf of bread. The biggest surprise was not that he was being robbed, but that he was being robbed by a possum.

In the video, you see the possum, who had climbed in through an open window, eating away at Steele’s loaf of bread. The possum seems unfazed by Steele’s presence, and continues to gnaw away at the loaf of bread as Steele records the incident.

The little possum is rather stubborn, as Steele can be seen poking the possum with a spoon, the possum remains unmoved. He continues to eat with little regard given to Steele’s efforts. The possum is pushed towards the open window, but remains strong and holds on to the loaf of bread.

When Steele tries to pry the loaf of bread from the possums mouth with a wooden spoon, the possum will have none of it. It backs away and knocks over a cheese grater in the process. The possum then balances himself for maximum force against a toaster and coffee carafe.

After quite a bit of poking and prodding with the wooden spoon, the possum is finally moved to the window sill and pushed back outside.

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