Iggy Azalea Threatened By Anonymous: ‘Apologize To Azalea Banks Or We’ll Expose Your Sex Tape!’

Iggy Azalea is currently being victimized by cyber terrorist group Anonymous, who is threatening to expose the rapper’s identity in a sex tape. This explosive news comes on the heels of Iggy’s cold response to Azalea Banks, the “212” singer who has a well-documented history of “beef” with people on the internet.

Jezebel reports that Anonymous revealed its plans on Twitter in a diatribe that insulted the rising star and accused her of a number of racial offenses. However, it should be noted that the hacktivist group is coming under fire for this latest stunt.

Love her or hate her, Iggy Azalea continues to climb the charts with hit after hit after hit — and that’s something which attracts the hatred and jealousy of numerous people, including rappers who are struggling with their lack of success. Azalea Banks has had it out for Iggy for years, and that’s something that’s been well documented since the “Beg For It” star was an underground act. So it’s a little odd to see Anonymous insert themselves into this long-running rapper beef while putting themselves in Banks’s corner.

To be clear, Anonymous (and Azalea Banks) want Iggy to apologize to Eric Garner and Ferguson protesters because she simply didn’t use her celebrity platform to speak out against the plight of African Americans and poor police relations. They also want her to apologize for calling a single group of protesters trolls after they staged a die-in at one of her concerts earlier this month, which caused a disruption for fans at her show.

Most of what Anonymous tweeted to the rapper was laced with profanity and insults, referring to her as trash and threatening her. They threatened to release the sex tape that was part of media reports earlier this year if she refused to apologize, and then referred to the potential sex tape leak as a possibly bigger controversy than the Bill Cosby rape allegations. These threats and comments have angered women — feminists, rape victims, and advocates — for obvious reasons. Anonymous also isn’t doing the best job defending the comments and threats.

Anonymous is known for trying to combat injustices online, such as exposing pedophile rings and the identities of murder suspects in various cases. This time, it seems that they’re combating what they see as racism with sexism and insensitivity to rape victims and women in general. Furthermore, they’re doing so in support of a woman — Azalea Banks — who has come under fire herself for bigotry; she called blogger Perez Hilton a “fa**ot” several times over the past couple of years.

Curiously enough, Iggy Azalea is far from the only person to tell Azalea Banks that her toxicity is to blame for her lack of success. Perez Hilton gave her a stern talking-to recently after the most recent time that she targeted him with homophobic slurs, and he made sure that she knew that she is to blame for people not liking her. He also called her “Amanda Bynes crazy.” Gawker reported thoroughly on that beef.

Azalea Banks has also had beef with rapper Angel Haze, who went as far as to write a rap song detailing all of the Azalea’s faults. So it seems that Banks is not a very liked person in the industry. At least she has Anonymous.

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