‘Destiny’: Xur’s Location And Exotic Goods For Weekend Of December 19

‘Twas the Friday before Christmas, and all through Destiny’s‘ Tower, Guardians were praying that Xûr, Agent of the Nine, would bring Exotics worth purchasing. The mysterious vendor is back, and he has all-new Exotics weapons and armor to buy and upgrade, with only one recent retread.

This weekend, Xûr can be found across from the Speaker in the Tower North. Simply head to the left when you first spawn in the Tower, and you’ll find him standing in front of a large, round door across from the speaker’s entrance. Here’s where you can find him on the Tower map just to be sure though.

Destiny Xur North Tower (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

Xûr and his items will only be available through the morning of Sunday, November 16. He disappears from Destiny again once the clock strikes 5 a.m. ET / 2 a.m. PT.

The Titan armor is the only retread this week, as it is the Ruin Wings gauntlets for the second straight week. The Warlock and Hunter both get something new or rarely sold, while the weapon of the week also makes a rare appearance. Meanwhile, the available upgrades also feature some well-worn armor items and weapons that you can bring to new power levels. Don’t forget that you can start and complete the “Urn of Sacrifice Quest” now that Xûr is around.

Here is what is available for sale and upgrade from Xûr this weekend. Thanks again to DestinyDB for the Exotic information below.

Exotic Gear on Sale

Type Cost
Ruin Wings Titan Gauntlets 13 Strange Coins
Knucklehead Radar Hunter Helmet 13 Strange Coins
Claws of Ahamkara Warlock Helmet 13 Strange Coins
Patience and Time Rocket Launcher 17 Strange Coins
Exotic Shard Upgrade Material 7 Strange Coins
Exotic Engram Random Helmet 23 Motes of Light


Weapons Glimmer + 1 Exotic Shard Armor Glimmer + 1 Exotic Shard
Mida Multi-Tool 7459 Crest of Alpha Lupi 7607
Thorn 7673 Lucky Raspberry 7393
Universal Remote 7027 Crest of Alpha Lupi 7547
Plan C 7187 No Backup Plans 7759
Super Good Advice 7817 Heart of the Praxic Fire 7297
Truth 7039 Sunbreakers 7549


Type Cost
Shotgun Telemetry Basic Consumable x 5 1 Strange Coin
Sniper Rifle Telemetry Basic Consumable x 5 1 Strange Coin
Rocket Launcher Telemetry Basic Consumable x 5 1 Strange Coin
Plasma Drive Legendary Vehicle Upgrade 23 Strange Coins
Emerald Coil Legendary Vehicle Upgrade 23 Strange Coins
Heavy Ammo Synthesis Basic Consumable 1 Strange Coin

For those wondering what to get, here are a few helpful hints.

Destiny - Patience and Time

Patience and Time is one of the better sniper rifles in Destiny, thanks to its stability and perks. It’s reload speed is slow and the magazine holds only six bullets, but that is offset by the Third Eye perk that keeps the in-game radar up while aiming down the sights. The Patience and Time namesake perk also turns on active camouflage when aiming, and the weapon’s Arc damage is always good for an Arc burn week in the Weekly Nightfall Strikes.

Destiny Ruin Wings (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

Ruin Wings is the new DLC Exotic gauntlets for any Titans. These will work well with either the Striker or Defender sub-class. The 101 Strength rating will help give Titans plenty of melee to use along with the Impact Induction perk to keep regenerating grenades. Meanwhile, the Special Weapon Loader perk will increase the reload speed of special weapons, and Seeds of Ruin will give more ammo drops.

Destiny Knucklehead Radar (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

Knucklehead Radar is unique in Destiny, as it allows the radar to stay up when any Hunters sub-class uses any primary weapon. That’s something you’ll have to decide on if it is worth it, as some players swear by it while others don’t feel the perk adds much benefit when there are already several primary weapons that do so.

Destiny Claws of Ahamkara (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

Claws of Ahamkara are the other Warlock Exotic gauntlets in Destiny, and can be used with either sub-class. The Whispers perk allows for two fully-powered melee attacks, and the Snap Discharge perk increases melee attack speed. If you want to build a melee-powered Warlock, these gauntlets are for you.

How does Xûr’s collection of exotic goods look to you this weekend? Sound off in the comments below.

[Images via DestinyDB, Robert Cram YouTube]