December 19, 2014
'Minecraft' Creator Outbids Jay Z And Beyonce For $70M Hollywood Mega-Mansion

Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson sold the studio he co-founded, Mojang, and his hit video game, Minecraft, to Microsoft for a cool $2.5 billion. The man was already extraordinarily rich, but now he's in rare territory. So rare, in fact, that he reportedly outbid music moguls Jay Z and Beyonce for one of the swankiest mansions in Beverly Hills.

The asking price for the 23,000 square-foot Beverly Hills cliffside mansion was originally $85 million. Jay Z and Beyonce reportedly winning with a $70 million bid, according to a December 8 report from Curbed Los Angeles. It's not clear if the megastar music couple pulled out, but the Minecraft creator ended up with the full-furnished mansion at the same price. The record-setting deal included "Cases of Dom Perignon."

Beverly Hills Mansion - Markus Persson

So what kind of place does a $70 million buy? The John Arroe Group, which brokered the deal, explained in press release.

"Persson's purchase included everything in the house from luxury furnishings to exotic electronics such as the automated 54–foot curved glass door in the living room that opens onto an infinity pool with iPad-controlled fountains and spectacular views. Cases of Dom Perignon were part of the deal."

Beverly Hills Mansion - Markus Persson

The relatively mundane details include eight bedrooms and 15 bathrooms. Oh, they are also equipped with Toto Neorest toilets valued at $5,600 each. It only gets more extravagant from there.

"Entertaining will be a snap with vodka and tequila bars, a candy room, an 18-seat tiered screening room, a state-of-the-art kitchen and an exquisite 18-foot onyx dining room table for 24 that includes place settings by Roberto Cavalli at a cost of $3,700 each. Three high-definition 90-inch television screens bring panoramic views of Los Angeles from the roof into the down stairs lounge – especially breathtaking at night, says De Los Reyes. Art pieces include a replica of James Dean's motorcycle and a chromed Ma Deuce machine gun."

It looks like the kind of place house that Tony Stark would be proud to own. Persson isn't likely to be spending his time building a set of superhero armor, but he is already relaxing in the mansion. The game developer shared the following picture of him sitting with his feet up in front of the ridiculously stocked candy room.

Persson became rich and famous with the creation of Minecraft, but he admittedly had problems coming up with a follow-up. He previously stated that he'd like to return to developing something small. We'll see how that works out while living so big.

[Images via Curbed Los Angeles]