Newt Gingrich Reveals Strengthened Stance on Immigration At Iowa Debate

SIOUX CITY, Iowa – The issue of immigration came up again in last night’s Republican presidential debate, with Newt Gingrich taking a tougher stance.

Though the economy is arguably the de facto issue upon which many voters will base their decision in next year’s election, other issues, such as immigration, continue to make rounds and raise eyebrows in the political spectrum.

Newt Gingrich has been criticized by his rivals in both parties for his perceived flip-flopping on a variety of issues, but took the opportunity last night to lay down tougher rhetoric concerning the issue of immigration. Though he stands by his prior statements concerning the injustice regarding deportation of undocumented immigrants with families who have called the U.S. their home for more than 25 years, Gingrich advocated the dropping of lawsuits against tough immigration states like Arizona and Alabama, a secured border by 2014, and the prohibition of “sanctuary cities”; towns thought to be soft on immigration.

“I would propose cutting off all federal aid to any sanctuary city that deliberately violated fed law,” said Gingrich.

With recent polls suggesting that most voters, Republicans included, believe that undocumented workers should be provided with a path to legalization, it remains to be seen whether or not Gingrich’s words will affect his current status as Republican frontrunner.

Last night’s Iowa debate was a mere 19 days away from the Iowa Caucus, set to take place on January 3rd, 2012, the first major electoral event during which political parties will be choosing their respective candidates.

Do you think that Gingrich’s new stance on immigration will affect his potential for Republican nominee? Whether you’re conservative, liberal, or luddite, what do you think of the debates thus far?