Big Sean: Ariana Grande Diva Rumors 'Ridiculous,' Wants To Fight Radio DJ?

Jonathan Franks

Rapper Big Sean has finally come forward to set the record straight about the rumors circulating about Ariana Grande.

During a recent interview on the hit morning radio show The Breakfast Club, the topic of Ariana Grande being known as a diva was brought up, and Big Sean did not hesitate to squash the rumors immediately.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, rumors about Ariana Grande having extraordinary demands (such as wanting to be carried everywhere instead of walking) have been circulating online for weeks.

When Charlemagne Tha God, one of the Breakfast Club hosts, brought up those rumors while interviewing Big Sean, the 26-year-old rapper did not bite his tongue.

"That don't even sound logical. No, man, she don't get carried. I remember I was with her one time and she got carried, but it was 'cause her foot was bleeding. She busted her foot, like, you know, dancing and stuff."

Big Sean continued by stating that the rumors involving his girlfriend are "ridiculous."

Charlemagne Tha God did not pull any punches when it came to discussing Ariana Grande -- even to the point where Big Sean openly calls his comments "disrespectful." For instance, Big Sean was asked by DJ Envy to discuss how he and Ariana Grande met in the first place.

According to the rapper's explanation, they first met at Wango Tango a few years ago, and she expressed her admiration for his music. Ariana even started to rap the lyrics to Big Sean's verse on the Wiz Khalifa song "Gang Bang."

That is when Charlemagne Tha God apparently may have crossed the line.

"That's very stereotypical by the way. White woman talking to a black man about gang banging."

Big Sean was likely not very pleased with Charlemagne Tha God's comments. Even his own co-hosts made comments like "What's wrong with you?" in reference to his remarks.

Once again, Big Sean did not bite his tongue.

"Disrespectful. Man, we're going to have to fight after this, man."

From the video, it appears as if Big Sean was simply joking about wanting to fight Charlemagne Tha God. He even joked about how, since Charlemagne Tha God has noticeably lost a lot of weight recently, he could probably take him.

However, it was clear that Big Sean was willing to quickly defend Ariana Grande's honor -- even if it was just with his words alone.

What do you think about what Big Sean said?

[Image Credit: Huffington Post & IB Times]