Brad and Angelina Racing to Early Retirement

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are in a race to see who can retire first, says the 36-year-old actress. Speaking to talk show host Anderson Cooper, the mom of six said her family loved the “nomadic lifestyle,” but they also appreciate being at home with some privacy. Jolie said:

“We’re both racing to see which one of us gets to retire first. Like most people, we both like being home.”

The pair are both keen to pack in the day jobs soon. Pitt recently said he that he’d like to retire at 50 – he’s currently 47. And Jolie also revealed the couple intentionally don’t work at the same time, meaning there’s always somebody to watch over the six children at home.

Speaking of the kids, they’re developing into enthusiastic travelers, according to the actress:

“I will listen, as my mother would have, to them and if they start to complain about it … right now they love it. If they’re in one place for two months they want to know why we’re not getting on an airplane. They’re such a big travelling pack it’s not one child moving around the world and missing friends. Because we have travelled a lot, we’re kind of lucky in that we have friends around the world, so if we end up in Budapest or Germany or Africa or Vietnam, they actually call their friends.”

She also predicted her kids would settle in many different countries, telling Cooper her old age with Pitt would be spent, “traveling around the world to try to visit our children in random countries.”

[Via Us Weekly]