‘Survivor’ Season 30 Spoilers: ‘Worlds Apart’ Season Ahead For Spring 2015?

Survivor: San Juan del Sur airs its finale Wednesday night and fans should then get a bit of a preview at Season 30 coming next spring. Naturally there are already some Survivor spoilers available for this one and fans are anxious to get confirmation of the early leaks. What has come together so far for the new season set to debut in February?

As Reality Blurred notes, there have been Survivor spoilers for Season 30 building up for a bit now. This one was filmed in Nicaragua, right after the San Juan del Sur season was filmed, a scenario that has become standard with the series. Viewers should get a tease at the new season at the end of Wednesday’s finale, and it is expected that Season 30 will be titled Survivor: Worlds Apart.

What does the title mean? Many of the Season 30 Survivor spoilers have come via a guy with the handle Redmond O’Hanlon, who has shared scoop via Twitter and the Survivor Sucks forum. If the early spoilers are accurate, there are no returning veterans in the spring 2015 season.

It seems that this cast will be split into tribes based on some sort of socioeconomic demographic. Will it be highly-educated versus blue collar? Wealthy versus low-income? Fans aren’t sure quite yet, but something along those lines related to education, employment or class seems to be in play. There is also buzz among Survivor spoiler fans that this may be another season that starts out with three tribes.

The current season has been a bit of a disappointment to many fans, and even host Jeff Probst can acknowledge that. He shared via People that this season did start out slowly and there were many things that didn’t work out as they had hoped. While this season may have been a bit of a letdown, Probst is already teasing that Season 30 has surprises and delivers for fans. Jeff said via Twitter that he will reveal a lot during Wednesday’s Season 29 finale and that it’s going to be a good season.

Though some seasons of Survivor have been almost entirely spoiled by the time the first show airs, it would seem that Worlds Apart is more of a mystery. What twists and turns will be incorporated? Will there be any familiar faces from the sports world or other entertainment avenues factored into the cast, as has happened frequently in the past few seasons?

Fans will learn a lot more when the Survivor: San Juan del Sur finale airs on Wednesday, December 17 and the Season 30 Survivor spoiler preview is revealed. Survivor: Worlds Apart is expected to premiere on February 25, 2015.

[Image via Adelaide Now]