‘Survivor’ San Juan Del Sur: Jeff Probst Spills The Beans On Season 29

On Wednesday, the winner of Survivor: Cagayan was revealed. Tony Vlachos, 39, a police officer from New Jersey beat 29-year-old martial arts instructor from California, Woo Huang. Aside from announcing the winner of the 28th season of Survivor, Jeff Probst also dished out information of the next season of the reality show, which will be held in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

Season 29 will share the same concept as season 27 with the theme Blood vs. Water, wherein contestants will be playing against their loved ones.

Probst also mentioned that next season’s cast will consists of completely new players.

“We really listened to people saying, ‘Oh my gosh, we love new players again. This is so fresh and it feels so good,'” he said.

The first Blood vs. Water season consisted of past players with their loved ones.

With new characters, the challenge for the show will be how they can immediately establish the relationships between the cast members. Probst said, however, “The average person could probably get 60 to 70 percent just based on looking at them.”

Entertainment Weekly reports that with the return of Blood vs. Water, Redemption Island will also be back. Probst said that Redemption Island provided much of the drama in the previous Survivor: Blood vs. Water.

San Juan del Sur is located on the Pacific Ocean, just southwest of Nicaragua. The location has also been used for previous seasons of Survivor including Survivor: Nicaragua in 2010, and Survivor: Redemption Island in 2011.

Aside from the announcement, there was also other interesting information revealed during the reunion episode.

Many were asking why Woo chose to bring Tony with him to the final two, even if he knew that Tony had a big chance of winning the jury’s votes. Woo is comfortable with his “million-dollar decision,” as he said he made it based on the five principles of Tae Kwon Do: discipline, loyalty, respect, integrity, and harmony between mind and body.

Probst asked the jury how many of them would have voted for Woo if he chose Kass over Tony, and by unanimous decision, Woo would have won.

Another interesting reveal was when Probst whipped out a letter that he had written to Spencer. During casting, Probst told Spencer that he would never win the game. Spencer told the Survivor host that if he wins, Probst has to write him a letter. Although Spencer didn’t win, Probst wrote him a letter anyway, as he was impressed that he was able to reach top 4.

Survivor: San Juan del Sur Blood vs. Water premieres in September according to Inside TV.

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