SezWho Signs Deals with Entrecard, Creative Weblogging and Izea

Commenting 2.0 provider SezWho has signed distrubition deals with Entrecard, Creative Weblogging, and Izea that will see SezWho reputation profiles exposed to millions of new users.

Entrecard’s blog ad network has added SezWho as a way to reward bloggers who participate on the site. Bloggers whose SezWho comments receive high ratings through SezWho will receive Entrecard credits to be spent on advertisements within the 14,000 strong Entrecard advertising network.

Blog network Creative Weblogging will offer SezWho reputation-driven user profiles across its network, and Izea will use SezWho to power its SocialSpark Solution Center.

The commenting 2.0 space has turned into a numbers race as the various players look to increase their presence. These three deals give SezWho a serious leg up against rivals including Intense Debate and Disqus. There is room for multiple players in the space, but the service with more eyeballs will ultimately come out on top, and perhaps go on to become the Google of the 2.0 commenting space. Expect more deals like these in the coming months.