‘Destiny’: How To Find ‘Husk Of The Pit’ Rifle And Upgrade To ‘Necrochasm’

The Dark Below DLC for Destiny brought along an interesting common Auto Rifle called Husk of the Pit that can evolve into a compelling Exotic named Necrochasm. However, that common Auto Rifle wasn’t all that common. Then Bungie released the hotfix update on Tuesday and now PlayStation and Xbox owners are beginning to find it and uncovering details. This article will serve as a guide on how to find Husk of the Pit and upgrade it through two evolutions.

It’s not clear if the hotfix corrected an issue with the Husk of the Pit that was preventing it from dropping with last week’s release of The Dark Below. However, Destiny players on Reddit and the official Bungie forums suddenly began reporting the weapon dropping after killing a Blade of Crota following the hotfix release.

Destiny - Husk of the Pit (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

Husk of the Pit

Husk of the Pit can be found by hunting and killing the Blades of Crota. Currently, the only way to do this by running the Fist of Crota mission. Run past Omnigul and the minions and you’ll meet up with a Blade to kill. You can then go to orbit and start the mission over or run into the next Darkness Zone and die. When you re-spawn, run back to the stairs just before the Blade and it will re-spawn.

Note that the rifle will not drop as an Engram, but will be automatically added to your inventory with a notification on the right-side of the screen.

An active Black Wax Idol or other combination of items or status is not required. Just killing the Knight will randomly reward the weapon. The DLC is not required to obtain Husk of the Pit, but it is needed to upgrade and evolve it to…

Eidolon Ally

Eidolon Ally is the second evolution of Husk of the Pit that turns the Auto Rifle into a Legendary class weapon. It will take some work to get there though as it levels up completely differently from all other weapons in the game. You must first earn 50 experience points to upgrade Husk of the Pit‘s first perk. The second perk is different though. Husk of the Pit first requires that you purchase one Embalming Orb from Eris Morn for 10 Black Wax Idols (You need to reach reputation level 3 with Eris to do so). This unlocks the Cannibalism perk. Next you’ll need to go kill 500 Hive enemies to evolve the weapon into Eidolon Ally.

Tip: Just about any of the Hive missions with swarming Thralls are good to fulfill the Cannibalism perk quickly – The Dark Beyond, Chamber of Knight, etc. Husk of the Pit is not a powerful weapon so it’s best to use it against low level enemies.

Destiny - Necrochasm (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)


The Eidolon Ally evolution to Necrochasm is similar to the first evolution of the weapon. However, the third evolution of the weapon is currently unobtainable as it requires a Crux of Crota to complete. This can only be obtained by killing The Dark Below Raid boss on hard mode, which has not been released yet.

Update: The Crux of Crota has finally begun dropping for players who complete Crota’s End Hard Mode. However, it will not drop the first time. It will take multiple completions for the chance to obtain it.

The Burgeoning Hunger perk on Eidolon Ally requires the Crux of Crota. Once it is obtained when the Crota’s End hardest difficulty is released, another set of Hive kills will be required to upgrade it to Necrochasm.

Unfortunately, the Necrochasm doesn’t perform well for all the effort that was put into it. Part of the reason for that is the 1.1.1 update that nerfed Auto Rifles. The other problem is that the Cursebringer perk does not proc enough on precision kills and the resulting explosion is not particularly large when it does proc. Bungie is supposed to be addressing that in the upcoming 2.0 update.

Are you going for the Necrochasm Auto Rifle in Destiny? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below.

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[Edit: Clarified structure of Husk of the Pit to note the first upgrade perk prior to the Cannibalism perk.]

[Edit: Updated the Husk of the Pit information based on changes made since the House of Wolves release. Updated information about the Necrochasm for the upcoming 2.0 update.]