Jessica Chambers: Gas Station Manager Receives Death Threats Amid Accusations

Jennifer Deutschmann

Jessica Chambers was found severely burned on the evening of December 6. Although she survived the initial assault and was transported to a Memphis hospital, the 19-year-old died the following day. Authorities have not identified a suspect in Chambers' brutal death. However, a local gas station manager has received death threats in connection with the bizarre case.

On the evening in question, Jessica Chambers stopped by the M&M Gas Station to purchase fuel for her car. Ali Alsanai, who was working the register, confirmed the teen stopped to purchase gas. However, he did not notice anything unusual about the teen or her demeanor.

Less than one hour later, Chambers was found walking down a Panola County road. Authorities said more than 98 percent of her body was burned.

As reported by News MS, authorities concluded that someone doused the young woman in gasoline before setting her on fire. Unfortunately, they have not identified a suspect or motive in Jessica Chambers' disturbing death.

Although authorities have not identified a person of interest, several others, including hacktivist group Anonymous, have suggested Jessica Chambers knew her killer.

Several sources have theorized that a gang, calling themselves the Black Squad, were using the M&M Gas Station as a front. As Ali Alsanai was one of the last people to see Chambers alive, he has become a suspect in the public eye.

Alsanai's behavior following the teens death has only added fuel to the fire. In addition to discussing the crime on his Facebook page, Alsanai provided some of the first photos from the crime scene. Despite the mounting suspicion, the gas station manager vehemently denies the accusations.

"I really didn't know nothing; all I said was she came to the store. That was it. At the end people accused me of doing it."

Panola County Sheriff Dennis Darby said local authorities are cooperating with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, the FBI, and the U.S. Marshals Service to identify the teen's killer and bring him or her to justice.

As reported by USA Today, Darby said he is aware of several rumors surrounding Jessica Chambers' death and is working "to rule those things in or out." However, he refused to discuss the rumored suspect or details about their investigation.

[Images via Time]