Hacktivist Group ‘Anonymous’ Takes On Jessica Chambers Burning Case, See The Startling New Evidence Found

The Hacktivist group known as Anonymous has recently come out in support of the Jessica Chambers murder case. The young girl was found burned alive near her vehicle in rural Mississippi. Anonymous claims that the police were ill-prepared to handle such a high-profile case; therefore, the group decided to take the case into their own hands. After hacking into several social media accounts of local known gang members, the group was able to uncover some startling new evidence.

The Anonymous Jessica Chambers campaign is being sourced to Twitter via the user @0Hour1, which is labeled as OperationJessicaC. The first tweet regarding Anonymous jumping on the Jessica Chambers’ case came on December 12, and noted that the hackers believed a “local gang” was responsible for the girl’s untimely death.

Following the initial tweet, things seemed to heat up fast, as the group hacked several gang members’ social media accounts. Anonymous then began tweeting a barrage of damning photos and conversations gained through the cyber attack. The group has claimed to find links between Jessica Chambers’ and known gang members. Jessica has previously dated at least one member of the “Black Squad” gang, according to their investigation, and notes that the gas station where Jessica was last seen is a hub for gang activity.

The tweets paint a picture of violence, drugs, and heavy gang activity in the Panola County area, where the burning took place. Photos of gang members inside of the Panola County jail with drugs and cell phones was used by the hacktivists to show the corruption that may exist within the police department itself.

Here are just a few of the pieces of information uncovered by the Anonymous group’s hacking efforts.

The Conservative Treehouse also did some research in regards to the Jessica Chambers’ case. They seem to have come to the same conclusion as the Anonymous group, and posted a full timeline of events and explained why they feel local gangs may be responsible for the horrendous crime.

For a full list of hacked accounts, tweets, crime scene photos and updates from Anonymous, the @0Hour1 account is updated frequently.

Though Anonymous is making some pretty bold claims in regards to this case, the police department has remained silent on the gang matter. The department says that they have followed all leads and came up empty handed. With this information readily available online, one can expect that the police have the photos and information in their possession. Therefore, without proper access to the police files, one can not be certain who has been questioned in regards to the Jessica Chamber’s burning death.

It is important to note that the information provided by Anonymous is just a small piece of the puzzle. Anonymous does not have access to the police files, and cannot be certain who has been questioned or what is being done with this information. The gang may very well be involved in the death of Jessica Chambers. However, Anonymous has not been able to prove conclusively that the gang was responsible for her death.

If the gang is involved, police certainly have this information at their disposal. What do you think about Anonymous hacking the local gang network’s social media accounts? Is the information helpful to the case, or is it hurting the police investigation?