Jessica Chambers Burned To Death By Former Boyfriend? Friends Claim It Was Domestic Violence

The tragic death of 19-year-old Jessica Chambers has been a topic of discussion across the nation after the teen was found ablaze near her vehicle. Authorities say that the teen was doused in lighter fluid and set on fire by an unknown assailant. However, Jessica’s friends, and some family members, are quick to call the crime a case of “domestic violence,” pointing to a former boyfriend as the possible killer.

In the days following Chambers death, a number of people close to the teen have created memorial images and placed them on their social media accounts. One image that many of Chamber’s friends are now using as their profile photo on Facebook features the words “break the silence, stop the violence.”

Jessica Chambers Domestic Violence
Photo featuring the “Justice 4 Jessica” message.

The image was created as a tool to spread the word about domestic violence and for victims to speak up before they meet a similar demise as Jessica. A woman claiming to be Jessica’s cousin, Windy LaShea, posted to her Twitter account also noting domestic violence was a factor in the teen’s death.

Many are asking if it was domestic violence, who is the boyfriend? It doesn’t appear that Jessica had a boyfriend currently, as her father said in a previous report that she was not in a relationship with anyone. However, many of Jessica’s friends on social media as well as her niece, Kelsey Arendale, point to evidence that she had recently broke up with a boy who may have been violent to her in the past.

Kelsey, Jessica Chamber’s niece, even posted a photo of a hand-written letter that Jessica had sent to her prior to her death. In the note, Jessica says “forget that guy. He wasn’t worth my tears.”

Jessica Chamber Note
Photo of a hand-written note from Jessica Chamber posted to Kelsey Arendale’s Facebook page.

One of Jessica Chambers friends also posted a series of recent photos of Jessica. One included a photo of Jessica kissing a former boyfriend. It is important to note that the male in the photo is not necessarily a suspect, but the photo is being used to show that Jessica was in a number of recent relationships that may not have been known to her parents. The parents have said they know of no one that would want to hurt Jessica and claimed the teen had not had any recent ex-boyfriends. However, it appears that photos posted by Jessica’s friends tell another story.

Jessica Chambers With Ex-Boyfriend
Photo uploaded by one of Jessica Chamber’s friends to Facebook of a recent boyfriend.

The friend, Theresa Fleming, also reports that “a black guy” is in custody and that she is “100% sure they have him.”

Theresa Rudd Fleming Jessica Chambers Post

Theresa Rudd Fleming Jessica Chambers Post continued 2

Police have yet to announce an arrest in the case so it is important to take all information provided from friends, family and social media sites with a grain of salt. If the police do have the individual in custody as Theresa claims, it will only be a matter of time before they release that information to the public. In the meantime, police are still asking for leads in the case to help bring justice for Jessica Chambers.

What do you think of the many statements from Jessica’s friends and young family members that this is a case of domestic violence?

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