Terrell Owens Taken To Court, Three Women Claim He’s A Deadbeat Dad

Terrell Owens is an out of work NFL free agent and while he may not be making any extra money at the moment he might soon be forced to pay out $35,000 in unpaid child support.

The former Cincinnati Bengals player was slapped with court papers this week by three women; Melanie Paige Smith, Samelia Millier and Kimberly Floyd.

Melanie says in her court filing that Owens has failed to pay her a recent $5,000 monthly payment and she claims he also missed two other payments in 2011.

Joining in the court battle are Samelia Miller and Kimberly Floyd who claim that Owens owes them a combined $30,000.

Smith filed her lawsuit in George and her lawyer, Randall M. Kessler said in a statement regarding the lawsuit:

“Our client only filed as a last resort . . . she hopes it will not get to the point where the judge will incarcerate him and that he will simply pay the support he agreed to. We hope so too.”

According to Kessler the last time he tried to serve Owens he was in Atlanta shooting a TV show, after being served by a processor Owens flew to LA but never once visited with his daughter.

Each of the women are suing Owens in separate lawsuits.

It should be noted that Terrell Owens could be reaching closer to bankruptcy after he was forced to sell his Dallas condo for$350,000 less than he paid for the $1.95 million home he purchased just three years earlier.

Are you surprised by Owens’ actions? Given his “me first” attitude on the football field I can’t say it’s much of a surprise.

[Image via Ken Durden / Shutterstock.com]