Dallas Cowboys Stun Philadelphia Eagles: Can They Take NFC East?

Toni Matthews

The Dallas Cowboys have bounced back from their disappointing Thanksgiving Day loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in spectacular fashion.

The Cowboys are now 7-0 in away games, and are presently sitting at the top of the NFC East division.

Things began terribly for the Eagles, who made a costly fumble in ideal territory for Dallas. The mistake soon led to a touchdown. Two more followed, and the Dallas Cowboys soon found themselves up 21 to 0, with no answer from the home team coming until the 2nd quarter.

The Eagles eventually got themselves together, and it soon followed that the Cowboys would blow their three-touchdown lead. By the 3rd quarter, the Eagles led 24 to 21. However, the Dallas Cowboys were not through. Within a span of less than three minutes, Tony Romo threw two touchdowns.

How surprised were you by the @dallascowboys comeback? #BigDPayback pic.twitter.com/IMx4AFAZug

— ESPN First Take (@ESPN_FirstTake) December 15, 2014

The game in Philadelphia ended 38 to 27, and saw more than a few angry Eagles fans having exited the stadium early.

This was a huge victory for the Dallas Cowboys for a few reasons. First, it kept their playoff hopes alive; the Cowboys were in danger of just missing the post-season thanks to the emergence of the Detroit Lions and Seattle Seahawks.

Had the Cowboys fallen on Sunday evening, it was almost certainly the end of their season. Second, the psychological boost may help them win their remaining two games. If this were to happen, the Cowboys would clinch the NFC East.

Although it's uncertain a home field advantage would help the Dallas Cowboys, a team that has fared far better on the road than at home. Third, if the Cowboys can capitalize on their recent success and make it to the playoffs, it would be the first time in nearly five years.

It is no secret that the Dallas Cowboys' legacy has eroded significantly since the 90s. Although they are still "America's Team" in many ways, they have been something of a joke to non-Dallas Fans. Even Cowboys fans themselves had become disillusioned, as demonstrated by the wall of red that greeted the Dallas Cowboys during their first regular season game against the San Francisco 49ers.

Since then, the fortunes of the two teams have headed in completely opposite directions.

http://t.co/5hw1qYSiq1 #nfl Seahawks knock 49ers out of playoff contention pic.twitter.com/i7lJWpaslb

— WordLink #NFL (@NFLbyWordLink) December 15, 2014

The 49ers are no longer in the hunt for a playoff spot following a largely lackluster season. What little playoff hopes remained were dashed to pieces on Sunday by the west coast rivals the Seattle Seahawks.

[Image Credit: Dallas Cowboys Official Twitter]