May 17, 2017
Coca-Cola Life's Viral Commercial Named In AdWeek's 'Best Ads Of 2014' [Video]

Coca-Cola's viral video ad, entitled "Parents," debuted in 2013, but because it was released after AdWeek chose last year's winners, the commercial marketing Coca-Cola Life was eligible to be named one of AdWeek's Best Ads of 2014. The ad was wildly popular as it featured the complicated emotions of first-time parenting.

"A million ads have tackled the highs and lows of first-time parenting, but none quite so magnificently as this Coca-Cola Life spot from Argentina," read the AdWeek blurb about the Coca-Cola commercial that was viewed nearly six million times on YouTube.

The video opens as an endearing couple are elated at a positive pregnancy test. Coca-Cola charmingly celebrates even the sincerely frustrating moments of parenting. The house is torn apart and the couple is exhausted.

"Simple, adorable and completely relatable, it's classic Coke and the best family ad we've seen in a long time," AdWeek wrote of the reason the Coca-Cola commercial from 2013 was listed in the third spot of their Best Ads list.

The ad was wildly popular on social media, where even people who didn't touch soda claimed they were bawling by the end of the Coca-Cola commercial.

"Parenthood is the ultimate test of connecting with your good nature," Sebastian Wilhelm, the creative director of the Coca-Cola Life ad said. "If anybody else did 10 percent of what your children do to you, you'd knock them out of your life. Yet the love you feel for them is so immense that it endures everything. We wanted to communicate that in the ad."

"We were exploring different reactions for the ending -- some more intimate and others more expressive," Wilhelm explained. "Then we realized the song has yelling in the final chorus, so the stars aligned. Once we saw the dad's reaction in the final shot, we knew we had something good."

If you never got a chance to watch the Coca-Cola Life ad, watch it now, but grab some tissues first!