Miami Dolphins To Fire Head Coach Tony Sparano

Today the Miami Dolphins fired Head Coach Tony Sparano after the team took a beating at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday. The firing also comes on top of Miami’s dismal 4-9 record this season. A Press Conference has been called for 4:15pm EST to make the announcement.

Several candidates are being spoken about as a replacement for the embattled coach Sparano. Bill Cowher of Pittsburgh Steelers fame is rumored to be the teams choice even though Cowher has repeatedly said he is not going to coach next year. Other contenders being mentioned are ESPN’s Jon Gruden, former Tennessee Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher and former Baltimore Ravens Head Coachoach Brian Billick. All three coaches have been to the super bowl with Gruden bring home a championship for Tampa Bay and Billick bringing one in for Baltimore. Fisher brought Tennessee to the Super Bowl but lost. Other names being floated are the New York Giants Tom Coughlin and the Philadelphia Eagles Andy Reid if either is released by their teams.

Sparano is the only NFL coach to lead his team to the playoffs a season after they had only won a single game. Since then though the team has truly struggled on the field. The Dolphins had been adamant all season that they were sticking with Sparano, but after the Dolphins were many games removed from a playoff spot the team changed its tune.

According to ESPN, “Assistant head coach/secondary Todd Bowles will take over the team on an interim basis”

Do you agree that the Miami Dolphins should have fired Tony Sparano?