Men in Black III Trailer: Watch Josh Brolin Play Tommy Lee Jones [Video]

After a 9-year-hiatus the Men In Black franchise is returning. Will Smith returns as Agent J, while Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin both step into the shoes of Agent K for Men In Black III.

The New York Post reports that the first two installments of the Men In Black franchise took in more than $1 billion at the box office and MIB fans have been waiting patiently for the third installment.

MIB III will center on Will Smith as he searches for his lost alien-busting partner Tommy Lee Jones in order to find out some secret about the universe. Smith has to travel back in time in order to meet up with Jones in the 1960s. The younger version of Agent K is played by Josh Brolin, who co-starred with Jones in No Country for Old Men.

Here’s the trailer for Men In Black III, featuring two great impressions of Tommy Lee Jones by Will Smith and Josh Brolin.

The Washington Post reports that the new Men In Black III trailer is being shown on just about every platform owned by Sony. From websites to PlayStations, to retail stores, and even a Times Square digital billboard in New York city. The new movie will hit theaters over Memorial Day weekend.

The third Men in Black has been stalled several times and some people are skeptic about the latest installment. What did you think about the trailer? Will you go see Men In Black III.