TN Congressman Steve Cohen Says Sexual Assault Begins At Home With Peyton And Eli Manning

The NFL has been under much scrutiny this season, due to multiple cases of sexual assault and domestic violence, and many have spoken out about it. One of those who spoke out is Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen, who actually went as far as to say that sexual assault, or domestic violence, is something that happens in the homes of Peyton and Eli Manning.

According to TMZ, Cohen was being interviewed on the street on Thursday, and he was asked about a sexual assault case involving Sammie Hill of the Tennessee Titans. Before going deeply into the main question at hand, Cohen let it be known that he doesn’t really pay much attention to football.

Well, he did say that he keeps up with Peyton and Eli Manning, but that was when he let forth this gem.

“Eli and Peyton don’t do sexual assault against people… other than their wives.”

Obviously, that was a mistake and something he didn’t mean to say, right? As of now, no one really knows because Cohen continued on in the interview and didn’t bat an eye at his comments or how wrong they may have sounded.

The case at hand that Cohen was asked about was that of Titans nose tackle Sammie Hill, who is currently being investigated by the Atlanta police, per ESPN.

Hill has been accused of sexual assault by a woman who said the couple first had consensual sex and then was raped by the Titans’ player. Hill’s lawyer, Ed Garland, said that the charge is a sham, and that his client was involved in “first-time, one-night, consensual sex.”

“This is a completely bogus charge. Sammie did absolutely nothing wrong. We are cooperating fully with the Atlanta police investigation. I expect there to be no charges brought when the truth is known.”

Still, it’s obvious that he should be a bit more acquainted with huge storyline cases going on in his own state. While he’s obviously not familiar with the Sammie Hill case, it’s quite possible that Cohen knows of what has gone on with Ray Rice and numerous other NFL players.

Maybe if Steve Cohen isn’t totally acquainted with all sexual assault cases going on in the NFL, he still shouldn’t inadvertently throw Peyton and Eli Manning under the bus.

[Image via Splash News Online]