‘The Voice’ Finale: Can Team Blake Beat The Odds And Upset Team Adam?

As the season finale of The Voice approaches, it’s blatantly obvious that Voice coach Adam Levine has a strong advantage over fellow Voice coach Blake Shelton.

Following the nail-biting results of last Tuesday’s first ever Voice wildcard round, Team Adam’s Damien Lawson stunned America by revealing himself on the Today show as the fourth finalist.

This meant Levine put together a flawless Voice team.

However, even though the odds are in the favor of this group of Voice hopefuls, it may be far too soon to count out Voice coach Blake Shelton’s finalist Craig Wayne Boyd.

It can’t be overlooked that Boyd is only remaining country artist. Country music is a very popular genre on The Voice, and the Voice audience has picked a country winner twice in the past.

Although both those Voice winners were women (Cassadee Pope and Danielle Bradbery), it’s still very possible that Craig Wayne Boyd could become the first male country artist to win the show. His performance of “I Walk The Line” and “Old Rugged Cross” were well received by Voice fans, and of all the contestants, it’s clear he has the most professional experience.

With a strong background in country music and a connection to popular artists, not only could Craig Wayne Boyd win, but he may have the strongest chance of any of the previous Voice contestants of establishing a truly successful career.

Adam Levine will no doubt disagree with this, having picked three very different Voice contestants, each with their own chosen demographics.

The dark horse going into the season finale of The Voice is Chris Jamison, who has surprised everyone week after week with his ability to improve. At the rate Jamison is growing as a Voice competitor, his finale performances just may stun everyone.

Certainly it seemed like Taylor Phelan would have been a more likely choice for the team, but Adam saw something in Chris that perhaps many Voice voters didn’t see. Both have since been vindicated as Chris Jamison was the first Voice finalist announced.

As for Damien Lawson, he has been the most solid performer of the four, never actually giving a bad performance. The only criticism to be found is that there wasn’t anything variety in his chosen vocal performances.

As such, it may have bored some Voice viewers. Thankfully, Lawson chose to step up things with “I Don’t Want To Wait”, a more uptempo song for the Voice semi-final.

Although Damien was forced to sing in the wildcard round, it was his performance of the Bruno Mars hit “Grenade” that convinced the Voice audience that he deserved to stay.

Perhaps the strongest and most direct competition to Craig Wayne Boyd is Matt McAndrew. One might say that Taylor Phelan, an early favorite, was sent home so that McAndrew could have a better chance of winning.

And if this were true, McAndrew has certainly jumped onto the opportunity with gusto. Can he have a career outside of The Voice? The show’s track record is suspect, but luckily for McAndrew, his previous album is benefiting from the exposure gained on this show.

At this stage of The Voice, it becomes far more about popularity than it does actual talent.

With each remaining Voice contestant locked in their own demographic (country, indie rock, pop/blue-eyed soul, R&B), it’s now a matter of which contestant has the largest group of voters behind him.

Do you think Team Adam is destined to produce a winner, or will Team Blake come out on top in the season finale of The Voice?

[Image Credit: The Voice Official Facebook]