ThinkGeek Unveils T-Shirt With Electronic Drum Machine Built-In

The workers at ThinkGeek are always coming up with new and exciting gadgets that are outside the bounds of typical electronics and this time they have one-upped themselves with an electronic drum machine that’s literally built into a t-shirt.

Know as the Electronic Drum Machine Shirt (real creative name right!) the shirt works with the help of a drum machine, looper and nine different drum kits with seven professional grade sounds each. Among those sounds are offerings labeled Rock Drums, Retro 808, Discotek, Techno Punk, Classic Jazz, Bass Invaders, Chiptune, Zapf Dingbeats and Scratchy.

Anyone who wears the shirts can loop sounds together and then build and layer beats over an unlimited number of tracks up to three minutes in length.

With polyphonic capabilities users will love the ability to produce sounds from all seven pads at once if they choose or while pressing any combination of multiple pads at one time.

To play back the music in real time a mini amp is included along with an analog audio output jack.

The shirt requires four AA batteries and the drum pad is removable so the shirt can be washed.

$30 is a small price to pay and that’s all it takes to own the electronic drum kit shirt.

Here’s a video demonstrating the t-shirts capabilities:

Are you going to pick up your own electronic drum machine t-shirt anytime soon?