Beard Baubles Are The Hot New Holiday Accessory For Men

Karlene Trudell

What is the perfect accessory to wear with your ugly Christmas sweater? Why, Beard Baubles, of course!

Facial hair ornaments are the hottest new fashion for men this holiday season and they may just be enough to make the men out there who don't have a beard want to grow one.

According to ABC News, the beard decorations are the invention of UK ad agency, Grey London. Agency employees Mike Kennedy and Pauline Ashford decided to go "a step further" than usual when creating the Christmas card usually sent out to clients. They came up with the "festive gift idea" of Beard Baubles to feature on the cards, and people fell in love with them.

"It was a striking image," said Grey London's PR manager, Ollie Dearn.

The baubles were offered for sale with the profits going to a good cause -- Beard Season, which encourages men to promote Melanoma awareness.

"There's already been huge levels of interest, primarily from Brits, but also Aussies, Americans, Kiwis, Germans, and French," Dearn said. "We've sold more than we ever expected."

The festive facial decorations sell for UK£5.00 (US $7.80), and each package comes with 14 baubles -- complete with stems to hold them in your beard.

According to the Beard Baubles' Twitter page, the ornaments are already selling out -- but never fear, there are more to come.

— Beard Baubles (@BEARDBAUBLES) December 11, 2014

— Beard Baubles (@BEARDBAUBLES) December 10, 2014

Visual artist Katya Wildman spent six hours creating the four designs using items such as fake icicles, a bird's nest, candy canes, and mistletoe to decorate the men's beards, and then photographed the results.

decorated beards1

decorated beards 2

Right now, Beard Baubles seem to be a hipster fad. However, the Inquisitr reported that ugly Christmas sweaters started as a hipster fad also, but have become big business for retailers since they have been adopted by the mainstream population. Ugly sweater charity events and parties are gaining popularity every year.

So do you think decorated beards will catch on and become as popular as ugly sweaters, or are they just a temporary fad? And guys, would you wear them?

[Images via Bored Panda and the Daily Mail]